Saturday, 29 November 2008


was too tired and bored to do anything...and wake up at 8am today..sigh...early leh...oh well b4 i go to type the below stuff....


Is wat keeping me alive,
And letting me know,
That I’m juz like everyone else,
When I thought I had forget about this word,
It started to haunt me bck,
Why doesn’t it go away,
I keep on asking myself the same question,
Should I forget ,
But the more I try to forget,
The more I remember,
Those memories haunting me like nightmare,
And hurting me,
My heart was like being slice,
By a blunt knife,
Which leaving a scar behind,
Remembering me of the pain,
That I had been through,
And stay strong for future.


Sigh...tomolo got lecture..start from 9.30 am..sigh...and nw wondering wat to hav for lunch,as 1 of my fren tat tapao lunch for us had contacted wif Chicken Pox and had to stay at home for 2 weeks...any1 got any suggestion wat to hav for dinner at Petaling Street area and had to settle in juz 45mins???haiz....

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