Saturday, 24 April 2010



haha,took the pic when she was concentrating on the road while complaining my ceffy's brake pedal too high...wakaka...and she always complain my car is a junk and she keep saying she dun believe she drove a junk...wat to ceffy ady 20 years old,but still running strong except for minor wiring prob wif the engine tat make the rpm goes up and down when idling sometimes...still can smoke any normal K-car everyday if step on it,but due to petrol wise,driving it like uncle...wakaka

recently oso had set my eyes on a bike...Kawasaki Ninja 250r,actually since last time this bike had caught my attention,been looking around and asking since,some said i will be better off wif Aprillia RS250 as maintainance will be lower and performance much better compare to Ninja 250r,where i juz scared abt the maintainance of the Aprilia...since the RS250 is 2 stroke V twin,while the Ninja is 4 stroke DOHC...guess if got money nex time,will go and test both bike,juz for indulgence..wakaka...

Kawasaki Ninja
The common green

recently saw this colour alot

black still my choice wif gold decal..yummy

Aprilia RS250

Indeed in his class of his own...yummy

any1 knw wat the rear thingy jacking up the rear wheel?hehe

Me love Supra

got the video from Speedhunter

and notice the car at 1.40 - 1.42...mean look,wonder if my car wif wide fender,would it be tat look???

juz look at the Supra from 1.58 - wicked...ahh....damn

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dimsum done..wat next?Tapai Pulut?

well last saturday,parent had bought Dimsum at karak b4 heading my apartment to go for 'All soul Day' aka Cheng Beng aka Ching Sg.Besi....hence my dimsum crave had been fulfilled..and today suddenly think of 1 food tat i previously had in Sabah,Tawau,which it was the 1st time i test it..which my mom said it was sold everywhere in Malaysia at Pekan Sehari which i din go there since i was standard 3 i think..which is...Tapai Pulut...damn....miss it...the sweet and abit sour wif abit of alcohol taste...yummy....den while i search on9...found the way to make it..which was kinda easy...but how do i get the purple colour which i had last time..which looks more attractive...usually juz white in colour....can be serve as side dish wif ice-cream,dried shredded coconut...yummy

wat is tapai pulut?hehe

pic taken last 2 years ago when on Tawau trip...haha...miss it...

Tomolo will be last day of tutorial for company law...time does flies....and conflict revision class will start on many to read,so lil time to read..wat to do..arghhh

ps - the date is 8th april...leave i din hav much time to type,juz type it halfway den stop den continue...wakaka

Sunday, 4 April 2010

ON RAGE NOW....grrr

well u guys can say me rude or OLD or what ever shit...drivers's attitude on the road i wont give damn as it din happened to me personally,or even a gold camry juz nw nearly hit my car i oso dunwan to talk abt it as hit oso hit my car...can repair juz pain and need to repair...but when car nearly hit my HON and ME...i farking piss off....which the driver dun even notice is like damn farking lansi wif his sunglasses....niama(sorry for the rude im farking piss off now)

'KNS...u all guys...nex time u guys saw a
Gold Myvi,JJU 7980...stay away...stupid driver..or should i said an idiot?...why i said so?coz tat bugger nearly hit me and my gf while outside college...tat idiot dun slow down even abit when got ppls at the side,juz wan to park in front of college to fetch ppl...f**k lar...from the a damn lansi guy wif if he drive a brand new ferrari...f**k u....u din even come down and said sorry,as im sure u r unaware tat u nearly hit me and my gf...u idiot...come so close,if we didn't move...sure kena hit liao and ur farking car sure will kena smash by me..u idiot.....


dun even wan to hide the tat all can get away from the idiot...stupid f**k..and wan to knw where is my college?is near Petaling Street,previously known as Kemayan ATC,nw is juz ATC......KL ppls should knw where is it...grr''

well is the same as i post in DCM and ZTH....u wan to call me watever u wan,but im juz damn piss off,where he din even come down and said sorry while i scold Fark and shit there kinda loud as almost hit me and my gf,as it was the 1st thing come into my mind...