Saturday, 24 April 2010



haha,took the pic when she was concentrating on the road while complaining my ceffy's brake pedal too high...wakaka...and she always complain my car is a junk and she keep saying she dun believe she drove a junk...wat to ceffy ady 20 years old,but still running strong except for minor wiring prob wif the engine tat make the rpm goes up and down when idling sometimes...still can smoke any normal K-car everyday if step on it,but due to petrol wise,driving it like uncle...wakaka

recently oso had set my eyes on a bike...Kawasaki Ninja 250r,actually since last time this bike had caught my attention,been looking around and asking since,some said i will be better off wif Aprillia RS250 as maintainance will be lower and performance much better compare to Ninja 250r,where i juz scared abt the maintainance of the Aprilia...since the RS250 is 2 stroke V twin,while the Ninja is 4 stroke DOHC...guess if got money nex time,will go and test both bike,juz for indulgence..wakaka...

Kawasaki Ninja
The common green

recently saw this colour alot

black still my choice wif gold decal..yummy

Aprilia RS250

Indeed in his class of his own...yummy

any1 knw wat the rear thingy jacking up the rear wheel?hehe


WoayChee said...

i m also eyeing on a bike too. my friend said 2 stroke better unless u go for high cc, then look for 4 stroke.

Da Devil said...

but i heard 4 stroke much better FC than 2 strike rite?and 2 stroke need to add wif 2T oil rite?
well some sifu advice me for beginner juz take the Ninja,but they said...after several months...u will wan something faster and bigger..lolz

u eyeing on which bike?ER-6n?Hayabusa?