Monday, 17 August 2009

Yumcha wif DsLR kaki...hehe

well....Iphone i wan...

My LG,My bro's Iphone 3G and my cousin's Iphone 3G,i want another Iphone!!!,arghh

Yesterday yumcha wif some frens tat long time din meet wif them ady...

Well nt yumcha at here..coz they din hav roti...

roti planta wif Teh 'O' ais limau

Wif Ah Choy,the Charade's owner below

Ah Loong aka DaiBao,fellow photographer...Nikon D90 User

Detomaso engine

Detomaso Interior

LS rims

custom exhaust if not mistaken

Friday, 14 August 2009

Just to share...a freaking nice vid

"Breaking Point" Formula Drift Rd. 5 Seattle from shreeveco on Vimeo.

oh my..when will i be drift like them..guess i need to mod my car 1st...lolz..any sponsor??hehe

Edited pics of my ceffy

Headshot wif abit of sephia

engine bay...

juz edited the colour and adjust the sharpness

My favs....adjust the level,Highlight/shadow and brightness

plz comment...need help to improve....oh yea..using the stock 18-55mm lens....thz

Cefiro A31...stock lar of coz...lolz

Some shots of my car...

YingYang bumper...lolz

Stock engine bay wif juz Apexi Air Filter

Juz change a new battery and change a wire...omg...battery nw very exp...gila 1...

Apexi Dual funnel...

Yea...need to rewrap the steering soon

shiny rims on a crappy tyre


sexy back?neh....stock nia...

side sunny..lolz

Thursday, 13 August 2009

random photography

Oh yea...all the pic i juz resize it...done nth on it
1st up...the Dragon Fruits flower which only bloom at nite

well i think was juz okok...need to practice more...

Show ur patriotism in the independence month

JJ,yea u all say he is skinny..but i already feed him i mean ALOT

something new in avanza...and yea...this pic can consider failed...the ladybug there kinda blur

spider...i really need a macro lens...haha

and for now..another egg tarts post...wakaka...actually consider my lunch/tea time foods...lolz

egg tarts and Siewpau

egg tart

Kaya Puff

delicious siew pau...hehe

Monday, 10 August 2009

Normal day in hometown...

Have tis beautiful and nice Egg tart for breakfast on saturday....

the ever nice Egg Tart...beat the hell out of Jon King...hehe
i really dunno egg tart nw kinda exp,and the best part is the aunty said juz rm2 for the 2 egg tarts which i suspect each egg tarts she sold is either rm1.10 or rm1.2o...

and got this redbull from Wendy and Jade which they bring bck from SG,thz gal...really like this packing rather than the boring look of our local RedBull..sigh...

den yesterday morning wake up kinda late..around 11am,as the previous nite,i sleep at 12.30am as i was driving bck from KL back to Temerloh..anyway...and saw my dad's corolla was at my neighbour's house to replace the clucth plate cover which the previous 1 he change got minor defect and if continuing using it..will cause the gearbox to cease up den had to change whole gearbox for it

Removing the Clutch cover

i dunno wat like shaft...but FF wor...any1 for any idea?

lower arm rite?

jacked up to gain more clearance

Before heading out to my dad's office(which i tot got a Toyota Prius inside the showroom,mana tau...din hav...all east coast region juz only 2 available as 1 in Terengganu and the other at Kuantan if nt mistaken,and already had owner,so cant even take pics..haiz...

My typical Malaysian's breakfast

Roti Planta

wif Dhal

and my fav Teh ais/Iced Milk Tea

some board abt the Toyota Prius and TRD history

Not long after i loiter in the showroom,my dad received a phone call from my dad's neighbour aka mechanic,stating tat some1 inquire of the price for my cefiro A31....and he will come to the Toyota showroom to meet me...after awhile,i saw a familiar car tat i spotted on the nite i reach my was the same orange A31..fully modded wif RB25DET

This the car own by tat guy...kinda nice looking car...

after i tell him my price,we shake hands,and he said need to calculate and think 1st...wakaka..i guess the price i open kinda high compare to others which are fully least my A31 still a 'virgin',and oh FLK(from DCM) said tat im nt a sincere part of me wanted to sell it off and the other of me wanted to keep it..oh well..see how lar...

Any1 can guess this headlight is from which car??hehe