Thursday, 29 November 2007

No more RM1.92 lu....

Well...according to Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) had forecast the rise in petrol prices will be at 30 to 40 cents per liter,wat u mean malaysian are OK wif the hiking Fuel Price??where did u get the idea??where did u do ur surveys??damn..u all juz saying wat u all basically i juz pump in RM100(52liter tank) for my A31 Cefiro den it will full..but if the rise is 30cents which led to RM2.22(now is RM1.92) den i had to pay abt RM116 for my A31 tank to full...sigh....another RM16 increases...well tat is if the rise is 30cents...gosh... if the increase is 40cents...den i had to pay RM121....RM21 extra...wat the hell....i mean..well most ppls would say...who ask u to drive such a big car.....well i really wan to ask back...'Hello...den wat car u r driving???it doesn't matter how big the car is tat is being concern,wat im nt happy is tat...we...our country had our own petroleum field,why do we had to follow US crude oil transaction value???so wat is $99 per barrel?? Hello,u got ur own fuel man....u can filter or process it ur own,so u wont had to follow others country.....instead of saying how much a government had subsidize how many money to the petrol....why dun u calculate how many other irrelevant stuff u subsidize as many had spend on those stuff only to benefits some of the ppl while the larger proportion of ppls had to suffer juz to let a few to enjoy the benefits....
how abt the Zakaria cases???wat the BPR had done???it seems as the case to had cool down...well guess tat is our much more...but wat had BPR been doing???i mean,ya...they always say tat they oledi investigate or running some process,blablabla...still no action take..i guess they juz do some investigation,and confirm he had taken bribery den leave him alone,coz he is dato or wat so ever.....anyway....fuel price will be increases by nex year dun care u all like it or nt...but i really dun understand,cant juz government buy the technology and refine the petroleum ourself???

Here the link for the hiking fuel price - Source

Some Changes

Well on Monday(26th) i had go back to my hometown where initially where didn't intended to go back,but since my parents had come to KL and the main reason was to go to JPJ and settle some stuff,so they ask me to tag after the settle some stuff at JPJ,den we head to my new Condo,to fix some minor stuff(some water heater piping stuff) den go down to the 2nd floor and give another sets of keys to the agent who was operating from that floor....den after much discussion,we went back Wangsamaju,den straight to Carrefour and buy some mineral water for me,some dog food for my Zack and some minor stuff...but most importantly,whenever i go to tat Carrefour,i sure go buy the Kaya Balls....damn delicious...or should i say i like to eat Kaya i ask my dad to buy 1 packet...instead he bought after tat,we went back to my apartment and pack my stuffs and go bck wif them as they need a driver/mamat/chauffeur after 2hours..reach my hometown and stop by Mentakab to have dinner(next time review to u all)the food was damn nice,not too salty or sweet de...summore damn cheap....haha...den after a fine dinner...i drove back..and the 1st thing i notice is that my mom's avanza had something extra at the back of the a mirror thingy to reflect the back of the car....and i suspect is my dad's work,coz since last time he always said tat he the mirror look nice..
Da Mirror... look ok nw he planned to take out the Kangaroo bars and side step as well.any1 interested....all in gud condition and never hit into anything b4...

Front Kangaroo Bar

Side Step

Rear Kangaroo Bar...

den after tat...i went to the bathroom and saw Zack..OMG....he i say...gain weight..damn....leg become shorter and most significant changes of was his bark...damn...anyway....he still cute though...but quite bad temper...wakaka

well after than tat... dun think had much changes...where i do wish tat i could change my life,my car and everthing according to my wish...but no god of something similiar like tat,hence juz live wif it....wakaka



The life that can be identified in various way,

It can be a happy one,

It can be a sad one,

It can be a lonely one,

It can be a joyful one,

All of those are just some of the people live in life,

But for me the day I go through is just lonely,

Today the sky looks grey in color,

Not just the sky,

But everything just grey in color,

Now the world just had stop,

Everything just like stop in time,

It had no voice or sound,

It just a dull life.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Long Long Post...haha


Actually this post is solely happened on last saturday/sunday,24th and 25th as well....well lets start with Saturday,24th…well a week b4 24th…kelvin had oledi ask me whether wan to join him for lunch at klang,so I had ask David and SeetLoong to join me as well..well David of coz will follow,but as for seetloong,I actually can predict ady as he down’t seem to like the fans of meat,yup,wat we are having is BAK KUT TEH and it is quite different from what I used to have in my in my hometown is those normal soup type..while the 1 we are having is dry de…so the damn nice…b4 we went to Kelv houz,I had to go to Cheras Leisure mall to wait for Victor and YeeL…coz I need Vic to show and teach me the road to klang….the initial reason for the trip was to go to the newly open Jusco at Bukit Tinggi and Kelv says tat there got stuff to play de…sigh…well after the lunch(around 1 or 2pm) we actually were heading to Jusco…but when see the traffic…we quickly change our mind and Victor suggest we go to Sunway to sing karaoke instead of cramping in a mall and being molested by some strangers(Kelv,remember wat u say to me tat why u like to take bus??wakaka)well,but in the end we din make it to Sunway instead we juz chilling in Kelv houz….basically his houz…nth..juz too much DOGS….well when u saw almost most of the house sure their parent will display their children pics, or their achievements or wat so ever…instead all of those pic were his dogs..i mean it..nt JOKING…anyway..his dogs were damn nice though as when they saw u juz giv a damn loud bark…which mean a gud dog…hehe…anyway…David went to his room and fix his pc dunno wat Direct X as he cant play/install dunno wat Hell Gate London game….while me and Victor juz at downstair playing his PS2 wif a 42inch tv…wow..never play wif so the damn big screen lor…damn nice…even Tailou(Victor) keep on saying tat he is gonna buy a 42inch later for his Wii…hehe..cant wait for it…anyway…while we were playing KOF…Tailou damn enjoy the games and keep on laughing while we were fighting each other…well after awhile..kelv and david giv up on the installation of the directX and come down to play and relax as well…den Kelv keep on saying put in the GTA San Andreas lar….den I put and play..well wat do u knw…juz the 1st missions…oledi cost all of us laugh like an idiot as I still not use of using PS2 controller to play GTA(prefer use keyboard and mouse)….so the 1st mission I basically had to escape from some neighboring nigga gang from killing my nigga…and those bloddy nigga drive a car and my nigga use bicycle…lol…..anyway…after tat few mission run through and each got their own title or story and when some gang words come out and start explaining the meaning to Tailou coz he ask..den he ask me bck…how come I knw so much of this kind of stuff…b4 I could answer,David drop the bomb and say,coz I always hang out wif nigga and supported nigga….well to be honest….where got..i juz support Lewis Hamilton(F1) and Allen Iverson(Basketball player)…and some others game all are white ppls..seriously….wakaka….and we juz keep on playing den till 6.30pm..we go out to have our dinner…and is steamboat(which is one of the reason why tailou wan to come)…actually is nt becoz of the steamboat….his purpose to go there is to kap lenglui who use to work at tat shop…well Kelv keep on saying how pretty is the lenglui den tailou more eager to see how lenglui izzit…den we ask..wat if the lenglui is nt there??...wakaka…to our disbelieve..the gal was nt at there,wakaka…Kelv,u r in big trouble…wakaka…well after the dinner..we go to Jusco as at nite..nt many ppls will hit the mall…so we juz go and basically juz to walk walk and see how was it…and well..nt really as nice as wat I had in my mind…as the corridor for walking..kinda damn small and pack where I think I smaller than klcc….and the jusco at ground floor got provide trolley..juz make things worst…as those ppl..juz dunno how to maneuver the trolley,and wif such a big mall..why on earth the escalator so damn the small???anyway..there got lot of restaurant and the food look kinda nice…erm…got Häagen-Dazs,Kim Gary, and many more…anyway…its kinda large mall...anyway…after tat we just went home….coz I had promised to be bck to wangsamaju to go for some touge activity

Warming up the the morning...

Jusco(Bukit Tinggi)...

25th Sunday

Well it was sharp 12am…my phone was vibrating and it was Azuri…haha…caused I had ask him to bring me to go touge as I dunno how to basically we meet at some petrol station so tat Azuri and some of Touge sifu(Burn,Blue,Zali,Mat Gen(If im nt mistaken and many more) to chow down and filling their there…I juz saw MU lose to Bolton..i was like WTF….damn…anyway…after finish the food…we went straight to the location, and while we were at there…there was a roadblock…as as usual, the bloody fool mother F###er mat rempit,quickly turn around ignoring the car behind and juz speed off…juz hope those bastard will crash into lamppost or fell of the cliff and die rather than causing nuisance to society….anyway…after the road block check…we went to the 1st checkpoint and waited for all the car so we can arrange the who is following who and who was leading...and Azuri keep on saying he juz wan to cruise so he will be sweeper…hehe so we all juz heading up to the 2nd checkpoint where we wait for another Touge monsters to arrive…there came a loud noise…a KP61…I think is 4AGE Turbo,den come another Waja wif campro and lastly a white Myvi….so we all chitchat abit den..straight go to another checkpoint…as I was actually following behind..erm…a green satria(dunno who drives ady..soli boss) when ahead and juz overtake the myvi like there is no tomolo…there came I oso try to cucuk the car as I din quite knw the road…I juz keep my limit at 50 to 60%....but had to admit the Myvi owner is quite good lor as he is also the same as me trying the road there….where I keep on cucuk him,he oso din giv a damn…a very concentrated driver…kudos…nt many young ppls can resist those cucuk-ing feel…anyway…I din dare to overtake him as I dunno the road and its condition,as there got lot of patch up being done on the road and I was running on my stock condition car…sure bouncy like hell…so I juz follow him till the next point…and stop awhile…den move on…the last part of the road kinda narrower and abit unpredictable as the corner there damn strange 1…while u think is a mid speed corner den suddenly whole corner change to a quick snap…damn I had to keep my car running wif OD off and on 2nd gear…well I could hear the Gearbox is screaming…wakaka…basically auto car + Touge is nt a gud situation…when reach the last checkpoint we juz relax and sit on the road..ah..wat a nice feeling den chit chat awhile..den all go home ady..while return back to KL,we din stop at any checkpoint…juz blast through the checkpoint…den of coz I again cucuk the myvi…but somehow I notice tat he uses lot of braking….compare to me…I m restricting myself from using the brake and relying on Gear(reason why is my damn rear disc brake keep on having sound while I step on brake)…last time send my car to check and mechanic say tat still got lot of brake pad but juz some dust only…well after the mock exam,I straight go bck hometown and ask him to check again and this time I will be watching him….damn dangerous is brake failed while touge…but really couple of months bck…the brake pad were really thick..but he juz check on 1 side..but nt on the other side and sadly the sound come from the side tat he din check..the rear left side…haiz…nvm…coz the brake still perform fine…anyway..back to topic,while going bck…as I was noticing Azuri’s car,he was behind me..after a corner..he juz disappear…I thought got anything happened and I start to slow down..but to my disbelief…he turn off his headlight as I saw a shadow behind my car…lol….the fella really ‘Keng’….so we juz went back to our meeting point and we go bck to wangsamaju where they all wanted to have something to eat as it was almost 5am and quite hungry…but I had to go home as i got a morning lecture from 0930 till 1715…so I say goodbye and headed bck to my apartment…and I juz manage to take a quick 2 hours nap and go to college…wakaka..anyway….is a nice Touge session…hehe

At the kinda sux..kinda hard to take pic... the middle of nowhere...wakaka

PS – the whole session,I had never saw the KP and the Waja except after their checkpoint…wakaka..they all damn fast

PS - Azuri and all Touge Sifu,thz for the Touge session and hope can join u all the nex time..but afraid I will be a drag as I kinda slow..hope u all dun mind…again..THX all…

U guys Rox....haha

Monday, 19 November 2007


Well this entry is to show how bored i am and will randomly type out all the stuff running through my head now....

well recently had the problem of sleeping,almost eviday juz slept for like 4 hours den wake up and slp bck again for 2 hours and wake up again...haiz..actually is more tired...but wat can do... i juz suddenly pop my eyes open and turn to my Hp and it was evitime 4am...walau...damn sienz de...summore sometimes like purposely slp wait till 5am den slp,thought tat i will wake up at 12pm...but i woke up at 9am and cant slp after that....most ppl i chat to would say i think too much or stress prob...even myself oso cant figured out the problems...stress,evi1 oso have ler...juz tat mayb the way i handle it not tat efficient...perhaps some trance music or psychedelic music oso cant free from my stress as during lecture at college,while listening to either Yoji Biomehanika's or infected mushroom's song...i oso can fell asleep...haiz...(to some hardcore fella may think these song is nt)
Almost had the same look as him when arrive at college!!!

anyway at college nt many interesting stuff happened,juz tat after holiday,seems like evithing go haywire and beyond control ady...sienz...and yea...most ppl think tat sumtimes my face look more tired than them who juz slp for 3 hours while i slp for 7 hours....and the truth really really tired...last time,almost eviday relying on energy drink juz to keep me awake for lecture and tutorial,but seems like the effect had gone and my body kinda immune to the drinks ady...and i had try all sort of drinks such as Livita,Red-Bull,Power Root Tongkat Ali Cafe and etc...but all work juz for a few days den nth works...anyway...nw trying new drinks...hope it will works...hehe...
Yea...Livita and others works well for few hours

yea..juz tis morning while reading team kansei blog den saw the title...and i had guess tat some1 sure had crashed their car...luckily the owner was fine,thank god but nt too good looking for his satria....tat why...some ppl on the road thought they knw how to drive....tell u the truth...driving on street doesn't mean u knw how to drive on touge and track...all had different approach and should aware of ur capability so does ur car capability and nt juz hit the corner like there is no tomolo...and when talk abt some driver out there..i really dun understand how they get their Driving license...when going trough a corner...juz follow ur own line lar,dun simply take other ppl line like the road is urs...learn how to drive properly plz??and do use the indicator light as well...even if u din use the light..dun simply overtake ppl and come close lar..if u din hav enuf spaces to overtake..dun overtake....anyway...mayb i juz too long din touch my car ady...oh well..juz 5 days ady i oledi wanted to bring him go kaikai especially go Touge...erm nt really...juz follow behind some sifu lar..coz my car juz Auto and nt familiar wif the route and do not wan to be like the owner tat i mention above as if it do happened to my ceffy...u wont be seeing my driving the Ceffy in fact a 1.3 iswara...wakaka...anyway...recently juz damn sienz...

Of Course i dunwan it to happened to me...

well exam is around the corner and i cant even remember a single case in all 4 subjects and i juz had no mood to study...dunno why..wonder wat is happening...too stress??wat m i stressing abt??i oso dunno....
Haiz... i missed jap had been long time since last time i touch any sushi or Unagi rice...slurpp...aiya...all is u all de fault and it means u...(Josh and Issabelle)...both oso malacca ppl...both poison me the same food....argh...dun care...both of u is owing me a Sushi dinner/Unagi Fest....hehe....


My Fav,Unagi Rice...yummy

My face will be like him after i had all the above..muahaha

well recently juz watch V for Vendetta(i knw i knw,is old...but i havent watch it yet)wat i had to say,a nice movie indeed...damn addicted to the mask...muahaha...and yea...oso had watched Russell Peters last show on cd(thanks to Victor for borrowing me the cd) and as expected,it give me the laugh which i needed and recently too many event had happened and i was quite sienz..

well nw is 2am and damn i din even feel sleepy...guess the insomnia had come and find me again..haiz...why oo why...oo ya...recently kinda addicted to Junction Produce Hello Kitty...hope can find it...i mean cheaply of coz...well i oso had lot of stuff wanted to buy...but well of coz $$ is the prob...
The Hello Kitty im looking for...damn expensive leh

Momo 4 Spokes...if gt deep dish,nicer...

The rims tat took my breath away...

The seat i m looking for....but as usual $$ prob...wakaka

The Exhaust i wanted but not enuf money...haiz

Lastly but not least...i do hope tat i can sleep well juz how like my dog would sleep after his is the pic....see how soundly he slp...haiz....

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Nice Day

Well this afternoon, I had to follow my dad to a place called Raub in Pahang…where from my hometown to there almost the same journey to KL….so we both on different car…as usual…I will be following behind my dad…and we had decided to take a shorter route but the place kinda deserted….so the road is quite winding and got many pot holes…where we use the Mempaga(a place name)road…b4 entering Mempaga…we use the KL – Kuantan highway….well basically we were juz cruising…really juz 140km/h only…where compare to other car..i bet they were doing at least 180km/h…damn tat M5…keep on cucuk my car…wakaka….anyway..after entering the mempaga…we still use almost 100-110km/h speed…basically we were swerving here and there as there were many poth holes to evade and 1 mistake…I could end up down the small cliff…wakaka…but still I like my touge machine aka my dad’s car…wakaka..juz 1.3 cc only…hehe…but then I think my dad was famous or should I say the car…as my bro had once said tat his fren had mention tat a silver colour corolla tat was damn fast while at my hometown…wakaka…I oso cant believe it,but once my dad behind the wheels…fuih….but he only speed when he is driving alone…wakaka….well the road to Raub were quite fun as due to challenging road condition and the view at there were damn nice…soli..i din take any pic coz was driving…wakaka,and I think can say I was touge-ing gua…as the road were combining both downhill and uphill section…hehe… nice to be at home as can do many stuff tat I like..but too bad..still din hav any news on my RB20DET halfcut…haiz…well hope I can found my steering and pedal cover soon…hehe…

My 1.3 Touge Machine

anyway...this kinda remind me of 1 of my dad story tat he had told me awhile ago tat last time he use to 'Sprint' means 'Cruise' lar...well he last time used to own Mitsu Galant and run wif Toyota Celica...if nt mistaken is TA22...wakaka..dunno the exact car..only knw is olskool celica as this story happened when i was very small...but of coz in the end the celica won....wakaka

Touge(,)– is a Japanese word literally means a winding road on mountain and other geographically similar areas.

anyway..i somehow do think the 'back' of the new Vios do somehow remind me of Imprezza..hehe

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Well byebye RM1.92 per litre petrol....

Haiz….i bet this sigh will come from any car user….as there had been news stated tat nw the government had reviewing fuel prices….well basically u can say BuhBye to Rm1.92 per litre petrol….well I know the government will say tat in south east asia region,our petrol prices kinda low..but do they even do the research???as I mean…sure our petrol is cheap but the car prices is damn compare to overseas country..where their car is cheap while the petrol prices is kinda high…but nw,in our country…car prices is high and the petrol is now slowly catching up….wat do government do???well spend some over few million on buying some Fighter Jet from Russia and get a free trip to outer space ….and where did all the money goes???no 1 had asked and no 1 is answering during the meeting inside parliament

Future Astronaut....

erm...where is the money??

….sigh…anyway…nt juz fuel price will hike by next year..but recently..Flour prices oso had increase…double its original price…so nw will see many bread or flour based food’s prices will increase…but due to ‘our’ country formality…anything other than flour related food or uneatable food oso will increase as well..i mean were there no supervision from Consumer Department??i was like...WTF...wat oso increase…yet the salary(well im still a student) had not even increase

….we cant compare to other country which stating tat their petrol/food or whatever oso increase and yet they din say abt anything….well try to ask them to compare our living expenses to them…we cant juz simply follow ppl blindly..which I think government should take a look in it…but well as they mayb will say…’if u think think is expensive den dun drive,use public facility’……but public facility reach the standard and does it safe??? Take Putra LRT as example…do u ever heard tat even LRT station oso been robbed??summore in wangsamaju LRT station???wat a joke

…hence..nw flour’s prices had increase,later fuel prices will follow along.,Future?? Think for urself bah…anyway..i always think tat…if u afford to buy a car..den of coz u had to pay for the consequences…tat why I think increase is should but not too high and lower the car prices by reducing the tax…tat is how the business should be done…

Personally I wont blame on PM or who as is nt easy to run a country…but I think he should really do better as general election is around the corner and should ‘Buckle Up’(This quote is famous in my college,wakaka)


StarDust(English,UK) – u all should go to watch…as is an interesting fairytale story..kinda gud compare to resident evil

Triangle(Cantonese) – 3 Directors and 3 Actors…a damn nice movie wif lot of element inside...mystery,gun fight,gangsterism,car chase scene…u named it


Becoming Insane(Psychedelic) – Infected Mushroom

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Haha…im bck…muahaha…anyway this post supposedly be enter on 1st or 2nd of November…but I was kinda bz…well this post is specially dedicated to my hengdai,houzmate,frens who remember my Bday and celebrate wif me on my 21st bday….so Arigatou Guzaimasta…..

1st celebration…

Well,it was on 28th..were it was on Sunday(as usual we had lecture on tat day)…so we had decided among ourselves to go watch movie…Brothers…tat is the movie tat we wanted to watch…den I had decided to drive to go to college as I heard tat they wanted to go far abit to have lunch den go to eiher TimeSquare or Midvalley to watch the movie…so on 29th…I drive to college den Fufu and JC oledi arrive…at first I din notice fufu in my mind I tot JC will be driving his Vios…so there they are inside Fufu Kelisa Imago…after I went to their car and ask where they wanted to hav dinner…at my surprise I saw Jade and Wendy at the rear seat…(no wonder JC wan me to wear purplem,luckily I din have any purple colour shirt)…hehe..den after awhile Matt sit in my car along wif SeetLoong….so I juz follow behind Fufu’s car…den at first they wanted to go to MidValley as the road they take is really go to MidValley…but then they turn off to Bangsar….den there is only 1 mall I knw at there…yup…we go to Bangsar Villaga and hav lunch at Fish & co….well the food was kinda I order dunno wat American Fish and Chips…anyway…at first I tot we were celebrating for Jade’s Bday…and they told me to fetch her to TimeSquare den Victor(Tai Lou) will be at there to bring us to go somewhere where I initially dunno where to go…so SeetLoong had received order from Victor to bring me and Jade to RedBox at LowYat...(Fufu and JC had wene to fetch other ppl to giv surprise to Jade)…but as all hengdai knw…SeetLoong very blur de and forget the route to RedBox so we waited at the entrance as tat time I still dunno where im heading(nah..Jade..i really dunno de)so Victor arrive and bring us to RedBox..den I knw they wanted to celebrate Jade Bday at RedBox as her Bday is on 30th…and I dun think I oso will celebrate together wif her as when I was small…I seldom celebrate wif frens as my bday were at the end of the year where near to Deepavalli or Final Exam…but this year…they really celebrate wif me..wakaka…anyway..bck to RedBox..after singing awhile all ppl had arrive(except Kelv and David,both of them were BZ)…den suddenly a Bday song appear on the screen..den all sing..where I spotted the MV for the bday song is one of my Favourite cartoon tat I used to watch when I was small..where I still remember the opening song…wakaka…TomatoMan was the cartoon….wakaka…den we juz blow the candle and opening our gift…den once I had opened… was the head nodding toy tat I wanted to buy a long time ago…I was damn happy tat I receive this guft(Yo thanks all hengdai….Victor,Fufu,Jc,Seetloong…Thz)….of coz after tat we sing to almost 7.30pm..and left to wangsamaju to hav dinner where we go there to meet Vanessa…so when we were walking bck to TimesSquare…den SeetLoong(eih..u really need to pick an English name ady..ur name so long leh)say he had to go to my car to take the Creative Zen(which had spoilt) to repair…so we when on after awhile…den when I get bck to car…wakaka..i saw why my seatbelt strap had change to Brown colour my 2nd gift tat I had nt been expected…haha…thz all again..tat was the reason why SeetLoong wanted my car keys… we went on to GentingKlang to have dinner where Vanessa had waited for almost an hour at there(Soli ya, Vanessa)..den while we were having dinner…there were a group of student were sitting beside us who get robbed where din catch our attention as they look very friendly until the robber say..something out quite loud…but then luckily the guy who was mugged/robbed get bck his goldchain and HP back..but the guy had run away(hope tat MotherF***** die by getting hit by a Trailer)so we ask the it happened as there were abt 7 ppls..and no1 dare to resist…jeez…wat r they thinking..they can easily wallop that guy….so after awhile patrol car came but din help much…so after the incident we went to Sentul to have dinner…where we had our Yumcha/TehTarik session at there till passed it is official days for Jade Bday…haha..well the environment there was kinda gud…and the place juz near my Yi-po(cantonese)(erm…my grandma’s sister..which I dunno how to call them in English) House….after tat I send Vanessa home as her houz juz near to where I stay at wangsamaju….after sending her home…wakaka..i had taken the “long” route to go back…wakaka…well after reach home..den I slp lor..but it was till 4am only I could slp…haiz…insomia…need sleeping pills…..


From Left - SeetLoong,Victor,FuSeng,Me,Jade,Dennis(if im nt mistaken) and JC

From Left - Wendy,me,Jade,Yinshin and Rangini(soli if i spell ur name incorrectly)

Her bday is on 30th so cut the cake i juz tumpang...hehe

Present from all HengDai...thz

Here is wat inside of the box!!!Cute Head nodding toys

Here is the closer look at it..well it do respond to my Psychedelic song by Infected Mushroom...see the vid below

My 2nd Present...a nice Wawa Family SeatBelt Strap

My third presents...By Kelv and JC...haha...thx for the radio,and Kelv..will be waiting for ur CD player)

Haha...All singing in the RedBox...hehe

2nd celebration

Well this celebration were held by my Housemate…on the 30th nite…hehe..well my housemate were Matthew(future international DJ,Hehe),Dwayne and Michelle…so they had bought a nice choc cake so the ritual begin…singing the Bday song and blow out the candle...but the candle is tricked I saw gt some spark while they were I suspected it was those tricks candle…and was…wakaka…anyway..after that we ate the cakes…where I plan to drink Red Wine or Brandy which I had bring to Kl..but due to forget to make we juz drink water…wakaka..anyway…thx for the gift was Car Freshener and Keroro window tint(which u stick on the window of ur car to hav some privacy tat had many lil holes de)…hehe thz oo…haha..

Present from my Houzmate..and their pic is at below...

Matt...the future Famous DJ in the Houz...

Dwayne and Michelle...(soli oo din ask u guys pemission..hope both of u dun mind oo)

But of coz…I oso receive another gift from Kelvin on Thursday….and it was Wrapped in newspaper..and Kelvin claim tat it was his 1st time wrapped a gift…wakaka..Thz Bro…and the gift I think is from Jc and Kelv…thz again a nice radio…hehe..

Well Would like to thz for all the sms ,frenster message and all the ppl in forum tat wishes me on my Bday…thz..really appreciated it …Thank You all,Minna Arigatou Guzhaimasta,Tou Jie Sai,Shie Shie ni men,Terima Kasih Semua…hehe…

Head Banging XD

My new puppy..Zack...Hehe

Haha….well this entry is dedicated to my new puppy…hehe..and his name is Zack…well he is the 2nd dog tat I own..and the 1st dog tat I own is a medium size dog…and he is call JJ…haha..a nottie 2 years old brat…where I still dunno wat type of breed he is..well some ppls say is ‘Fox breed’ and some says is Spritz….tat why till nw I still dunno wat is his breed…..anyway..nw the 2nd puppy..i still dunno wat is his breed as the owner stated tat he is purely Shih Tzu…as both his parents is from Shih Tzu breed…but the puppy din even hav Shih Tzu face..and it looks more cuter…wakaka..i suspect his mom having adultery at outside…muahaha…anyway…his size consider small as to his other sibling…still the smaller he is the cuter he gets….wakaka..and wat impress me most is his style when pee pee…wakaka…he juz lay down and piss…wakaka….damn funny..will try to upload the pic after I reach home…so juz wait for the update…hehe

Wat JJ looks like when he was small Wat he looks like nw...damn cocky de face...

Haha...My puppy...Zack

Grr....wat ya looking at...Grr