Monday, 24 May 2010

Back..for awhile...lolz

Last year went to Singapore,but nth abt singapore,is abt food in Johor Jaya(if nt mistaken and at Ayer Hitam,hehe...

1st up the dimsum from Ayer Hitam...which is cheap and nice...all meat..wakaka

Kedai kopi Tang Chuan

Menu...yup 12 of the stuffs u can order

Get 'B' for cleaniness..but who cares..wakaka

The pau...the filling damn alot...

By the time we order,only left 2 types of dimsum left,Siu Mai and Mushroom Mai

The Spread

Next was the dinner at Johor Jaya...oh yea,is vegetarian,as my both my God Parent and My God Brothers are vegans

Restaurant Sentosa

Claypot Tofu

Kung Pow 'chicken'

Braised 'Pork' with Yam

Curry 'Mutton'


Saturday, 15 May 2010


Yea..nice...both my fav character been infuse...Ninja and Rabbids...

wakaka,well really wanted to either make a sticker/decal for my car to stick this killer..wakakaka

anyway..less update...anyway...tis time really letting go of my car ady,any1 can let me know what car i can get for RM20k?for this poser...haha...thz

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Siena SE rap...dope!!!

Found this at rap...wakaka


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ceffy uphill drift

Found this from Driftney land....

woot...any ceffy wan to remake it using Genting?i can be the camera car driver...muehehe

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

ATC's Administration Clerk is RUDE towards students

Today,i officially can't stand the attitude of my college administration clerks...yes...clerks..both of them....why?basically they are rude,did not respect the students who was also their customers,talk bad about lecturers behind them and saw them playing with FB during their working hours,so as chatting too....supposedly i should be studying now but i'm too angry with their attitude.

even the upper management show better PR skill than admin clerk...seriously,i had heard lot of complain from the students,but no action been taken towards the clerks..seriously,anyone can go ask any students of their opinion on the thank god if they didn't use foul language in the process...

what happened to me?it was just only today,while i was waiting to get my assignment back from my lecturer,while i was waiting,i place my Tupperware water bottle on the chair,after that we decided to go back,where i forgotten about my water bottle,while i was just few step away from the chair...she said this

Clerk A - Who left the water bottle behind?and please come back and take it back,thank you(in a very sarcastic tone of saying it)
Me - Opps,thanks(and while i was walking towards the lift)
Clerk A - see lar,student leave the water bottle here den come back again look for it,so traoublesome and make us....blablabla.....(as im boarding the lift)

i was is wrong with you?PMS?seriously,you can just ask me nicely such as 'excuse me,you left your water bottle behind"...that's it too hard for her???i even said thanks to her in a polite manners and she still wan to talk bad behind me?seriously..what is wrong with her?Is ATC ran out of money to send her for PR skill training?geez...both clerks are the same...both sitting at the counter thought they know better and treat students as lower rank than them,if students with parents or any CEO/COO is there,they will be 360 degree change and pretend to be helpful...geez..such a hypocrite idiot being...geez...really hope ATC will take action on both of them or send them off to other department..seriously...they got attitude problems and doesn't even qualify to become admin clerk at the 5th floor counter at all...

ps - no wonder some students left ATC and go to Brickfield Asia College(BAC)...