Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas celebration!!!....hehe

Christmas Celebration dinner,before that we head over to MV to watch Meet The Parent : Little Fockers,but the seatings was kinda front,hence choose to watch Tron,hehe

Celebrated at Dome,as kitty said the food there was nice

Kitty's Minestrone soup...yummy

Kitty's Spicy Aglio Olio

My Fish and chips...oh my,now craving for it...yummy

Mango Fandango,definitely will order this again...niceeeee

hehe...kitty oso like the dinner alot...muacks

Monday, 20 December 2010


some novice photoshoot...haha..coming soon

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fast Five Spring 2011

saw it from Clippingpoint
cant wait to watch it next year,but the bad thing is in spring,which means the exam just around the corner...haiz

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Bday present...hehe

I knw i had been late for this post....my shoes!!!love it

hehe,so nice...love it...

Friday, 3 December 2010


Touge...i miss it....sob...hope 1 day will go back with a more healthy car and go round the hills again!!!...miss cold breeze of Jelebu...haha

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Yut Kee for Breakfast

Wanted to go here for breakfast long time ago but don't know how to go,then 1 day,hon suggested go there to have breakfast as pass thru the shop...

yeap...kinda early when reached there and fortunately got place to sit,where if abit late,den would had to queue up

the eggs...niceeeeeee

toast with homemade kaya..delicious

and the tea as well...yummy..cant wait to go there and try the chicken chop...haha

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Badass Coffee

yea,is an old post wif crappy pics...went to Tropicana to watch Alpha and Omega,den after purchase the ticket,went to Badass coffee(if nt mistaken) to try it out,as Kitty's friend said tat the restaurant was not bad....

BadAss revolution!!!

Their lunch set come wif coffee and freshly fried doughnut

The coffee,not bad/

The Doughnut is nice,except too many sugar,juz push the excess aside

Hon's Olio Aglio spaghetti

My Fish and Chips

Overall was ok,just the spaghetti was abit dissapointing as kinda overcooked it,my fish and chip just okok,abit of fishy but still acceptable

And my car got scratched by an idiot Uncle who ride on the bike,which knw the space very tight and cant get thru in the jam,still wan to force his way thru and after tat juz raise hand say sorry and speed off...grrr

Hence the Front left wing was scratched...sigh

On the other issue,was having dinner at Genting Klang,Hon ordered porridge from a stall,the porridge was juz Rm4.50,hence i paid the worker rm10,he juz give me 50cents den went off,i tot he din have enuf small change,den went bck to him after 5mins,he said he ady give me the change..i was like...when?he din even dare to look at me when he tell me he ady give me the money and i went back to my table,and open my wallet,and confirm he just give me 50cents...den we go and talk to tat fella,tat fella din even dare to look at us,keep on saying he din lie to us and wont give the money bck to us,luckily the boss was at the stall,after tat the boss give the change bck to us,seriously,the worker nowaday getting not trustworthy,seriously,nex time wont even order from tat stall again....

Friday, 5 November 2010


Just notice that WongKok Char Chan Teng's HK milk tea,they use the small straw..lolz...

next up...

Vanilla Ice Cream,yummy

Choc marshmallow cheese cake

Well would be nice if they serve us at least a cup of warm water since mine is ice cream

Finally,any1 know that number plate start from 'E' is from where?


Parking FAIL!!!,anyway the lady behind the car is not the owner...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Check it out...New Arrivals

New Arrivals,check it out

Check out at MadeMoiselle for more info! updated this morning!

My Bday..hehe

Yeap,my bday fall on Halloween and it's on sunday...but...i got class from 9.25am till 5pm,wat to do,after my class,go to makan korean BBQ wif hon..muacks thz for bringing me there

Have nice dinner here...

The surrounding

The BBQ pit

Viagra??? 0.0!!!

while waiting for food
Heat it up...muahaha,anyway they r using charcoal rather than stove

Here come the spread...yummy

i think is tofu slices

Potatoes and carrots

Lolx,dun even know what this is..but i guess some rice thingy




of coz kimchi


finally the kimchi soup,yummy...flavourful,not as spicy as i thought it will be

behold...the awesomeness...muahaha

the pork being cooked wif onion to give the flavour

is done

eat the pork wif the lettuce wrapping it wif spring onion,bean paste and sessame oil...

the bean paste

not forgetting chillies and garlic

The 2nd waves

its all done...yummy

burps...yeap..sapu all..wakaka...nice dinner indeed.