Wednesday, 21 October 2009

nuff said...i <3 SUPRA

Me likey this supra

I wan this AMUSE Supra...yummy

I wan to play like this

nuff said...but will start wif 1jz...but 1st...need to rob the bank to get my money...wakaka
or some1 can sponsor me?haha

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Received my UOL package and Gigi

Yay...finally get my package from UOL..can start officially study ady...wakaka

they send via courier by skynet..but dunno why they open up my package...geez

and finally get to see GIGI after 3 weeks din see her while im studying in KL


Monday, 19 October 2009

Cars..engine oil change and washed...hehe

Well the engine oil in the ceffy had way pass its schedule but i din hav time to go bck to hometown to change its busy wif classes and stuff...and the performance loss and get sluggish which is bad when u drive an automatic transmission car

Heard it was new brand tat reach my hometown,which no1 dare to buy,and my mech said is a good quality oil,which was use in BMW and it cheap...muehehe...from USA if nt mistaken...ignore the price tag...hehe

after tat,giv my tiara a shower,which was kinda 3weeks din wash him ady

look clean...but...

see the mango sap?how to remove it?need help

b4 tyre wax

after it was waxed...nt much diff in the pic..but really look better...will give them a 2nd coat later tis evening

wipe and clean and cover it wif topgun leather/plastic gel...make it look fresh...wakka



yeap..using umbrella as support..wakaka

my pathetic RB20E


her wet eyes look...hehe

enuf playing around,den had to wash the 2nd car(din get to wash ceffy as not enuf of time and im tired)

Corolla SE - EE90

hmm...1.3 nia...wonder how much is 1.5 engine cost nw for corolla

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Movies i wanna watch

wow...few movies i really wanna watch....u guys can check out the trailer on youtube...hehe

Daybreaker - vampire hunting human movie(action)
Zombieland - Killing zombie for fun(action + comedy)
Inglorious Bastards - WW2 nazi's related film(must watch)(action)
Legion - battles between human(wif an angel help) wif archangel
Ninja Assassin - no need to explain...wakaka
The Blind Side - a heart warming series
The Wolfman - a werewolf story apparently

ok..back to my many movie i wanted to watch right now so lil time...haiz

Monday, 12 October 2009

Tyre Punctured...arghhh new tyre(compare to both of my front tyres) had punctured due to a screw..damn....and the worst part is i din even knw it was puncture only until i get down from my it was rear wheel,so cant feel the vibration...argh...hope i din spoilt the tyre and the rims...really hope so...and it took me 30mins to change it...sigh...

The stupid screw

check the nuts...

preparing to jump on the spannar...

see tat small puddle of water?
1 stupid red iswara aeroback hit it and splash my back wif all of the water..while other cars for example naza bloody big and large car oso din kena the puddle of water as the road was kinda wide...why the hell he drive so near...fark tat idiot..hope nex time i get a chance to splash him bck wif the water when he was in the same situation as me...damn

anyway...tomolo will go fixed my tyre...hope no need to tube i had driven it for some kilometer...juz patch it den i will be very happy...hehe

Saturday, 10 October 2009

1st time working!!! marks the 1st day of me working outside,as usually i juz help my dad around which doesnt really working as i juz drive around for him become work as crew for Animax,thz to hon for finding/hiring me...hehe..kinda fun,as Meiyee and James working as well,and get to make some new frens...

Well at 1st i tot we will be working inside TimeSquare...den when reached at TS...saw the banner and stuff at outside VIP parking space...omg...but lucklily today nt tat hot...hehe..basically din do much today...juz walk here and there,arranging stuff,putting stuffs inside the goodie bags,arranging it,lead the guests to play the 'We love Inuyasha' 's flashcard or big poster thingy which the team wif the fastest time to rearranging cards will win and get Rm1000...anyway...blablabla...event end...and juz collect the flashcard den take pics den take salary....wakaka...consider fun and abit tired lar...hehe...oh yea...hon was the supervisor of the day so was her sis...hehe

The CREW shirt...hehe...

the normal shirt,i got 2 of it..muahaha...

the goodie in the goodie bag..some notebook thingy,the file cover and strap

got my 1st consider 'hard' earn money...haha...hope many to come in future after i graduated...hehe

Monday, 5 October 2009

Mid Autumn celebration!!!

Yeap...the title said it all,celebrated yesterday nite...but 1st,on Sunday as usual..we all got Lecture from 10.45 till 5.15pm while Seetloong,Fuseng and JC had CLP classes...but lunch at Madras Lane near Petaling Street...

My Noodles wif Pork Meatballs wif Minced meat...yummy

The mince meat juz awesome and delicious...yummy

The normal Pork Meatballs...nth to shout about
this bowl of Dried Noodles is RM4...normal price in KL..sigh

And wif the Famous and delicious cendol at there too...
Juz RM2..kinda worth it and yummy

Den of to class to finish our Juris and Sucession lecture and head over to FuSeng house to BBQ...hehe
While waiting for Victor

Reach Fuseng's house

woo...Somebody call 911,shawty fire burning on the BBQ grill...oowoowoo

Stuffs for us to BBQ...muehehe

1st up...the Sotong and Meatballs

Corn/Maize..watever u wan to call it

den crab meatstick

of coz there will be chicken wings...but my fav issss

the cheesy sausages..muahaha

woooooo..burning away

My drink for the cold OJ

Yummy yummy

as requested by JC..had censored his face..-_-!!!



after tat...we all went to 7-11 for some cooling ice cream...hehe..thz to victor as he treat us all..but i din take well..haha

The slurpee machine which remind me of some famous blogger had submited their pics to 7-11 to win for the RM6k prize...but i juz din take it as i got no chance winning it..wat for wasting time

After tat...we all went bck to play some cards game den call it a day

chatting at fuseng house....after bbq

hope nex year we can do this again...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!