Wednesday, 17 October 2007

1% to the VIP style...wakaka(nt really..sob sob)

Haha…im back..yet again…this time is about my PUNYZILLA… A31 Cefiro lor…wakaka…this time juz mod abit inside the car as I din hav much money to mod any further…so when I saw this LED stripe for almost 3 weeks ago…I had the eager to ask the owner of my local accessories and Air conditioner shop…Chee Seng Air-condition and Accessories shop…which juz situated in my hometown and juz next to a cawangan Pusat Pertanian and a Hindu Temple….well any1 from my hometown can go there and fix ur car stuff there included audio system, minor accessories stuff(steering,light,ETC),air condition,electrical wiring and many more…haha
Here is the Stripe b4 stick it into my car

Anyway…after 3 weeks of waiting and saving money…I had install it yesterday where the initial plan were to go there and change the wiper as the rubber of the wiper had worn out…so I had to change for safety measure…and change to NWP or wat brand,as I didn’t listen carefully,he say tat it was original…I mean the brand were fitted on almost all Nissan,Honda and etc car…but it cost me RM38(where compare to cheap brand juz RM20)….sigh…there goes my money….den I had ask him for the LED stripe…den he say ‘Yat Chek RM2+,2 Chek RM5+ and so on(conversation in cantonese which is goes like ‘30cm RM2+,60cm RM5+)…..damn I was kinda shock as I tot it will juz cost me like 10 or 15 bucks…..sigh…so I had choose white colour…..there r many variety of colour….red,blue,white,green and tri-colour(which the tri-colour look abit ah beng-ish)den he say if I choose blue colour will be cheaper as the factory make a lot of blue…due to many ppl install them on their car….den he ask me where I wanted to stick the LED stripe…when I say inside the car…and he was shock…as he say the initial use for the stripe is outside/exterior where most ppl stick on their number plate,under the car(cheapskate neon light look-a-like) or at the sideskirt as Puddle light….but I wan to put it inside my car…and I had install under the steering part where it clearly show the pedal….damn…1% of my car had enter VIP/Yakuza/Bippu look ady…muahaha…

Here is the pic where i take wif flash

Here the pic taken without flash( digicam juz 2.0 and old model..)

Here is wat i intend to achieve...well somehow it looks kinda like it and the light cover more area

And all together I think including the Wiper…I had use almost Rm100…so basically….1 month of bread for lunch and dinner(as I din eat breakfast)...haiz…and i think to change this monster to fully VIP and Drift machine will cost me abt 3 to 5 years...if i get a good job after i graduated...sob sob

Next Step

1) look for 18’’ rims wif 8jj at the front and 9jj at the back

2) look for a R32 halfcut wif RB20DET

3) Lower the car by changing the suspension

4) Change the exhaust…twin tips or quad tip

5) Find Diana body-kit for my A31

6) Re-Spray Pearl Black…

7) Re-wrap or find another leather seat

8) Change the headliner to suede

9) Change the interior light into brighter amber

10) Buy a Fusa/Kinsuna

11) TBA…haha…see wat else can do…haha

Saturday, 13 October 2007

HARI RAYA every1!!! Hari Raya i cant believe even my house oso full wif Cookies which u normally go to ur fren hous to visit to eat those cookies....thz to 1 of my dad's customer who live in i call her Nenek Purun...wat to say...tat nenek very kind and nt only Hari Raya..but some of the occasion she will ask her son to bring some fruit from her orchard to my dad...haha...damn nice oo..anyway here the cookies

hmm..quite ok..but a bit soggy liao...Choc wif rice thingy

Quite nice,erm...salty de..i think is 'Gajus' on the top of the cookies

This 1 very nice,is called Kuih Bangkit??i knw in cantonese call 'Fan Po Peng' fav of all...The Honey Cornflakes...damn Yummy

Erm...dunno wat it called...but i think is abit sweet and salty de...

well all the above i only knw the fried banana...but the other i dunno...but it sure damn yummy...

Haha...all being stack together...YUM YUM first my mom wanted to giv all those food away as gift to some of my dad's fren...coz i havent reach hometown yet....and luckily they din giv away yet and i say to them..if u all dunwan to eat juz giv me bring to kl for me to munch...hehe...damn yummy leh...oso dunno why they dun like to eat...anyway...den my mom say i really like a malay ady...wakaka long time din heard tat word ady..."hey,u juz like a malay''....well coz last time i was studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan when i was in Primary sch(yaya..i knw i knw...i dunno how to read chinese character!!!ok??) basically my common language was BM and english(although quite sucks at it) the word would come from my cousin mouth who was chinese educated,where they come to visit/play...den my fren call of coz chat in BM lar...den they all gt 1 kind of look den say out the word ady...haha but who least i gt some of nice fren in my primary sch...let see..wat is their name.....
Primary Sch Frens tat can hang out along
2)Amir Nasryid
3)Tengku Saifuddin(okok only)
4)Akmal Aizat(shift to payapulai den lost contact ady)
5)1 more fella forget the name ady...but very fren wif him de...haha
6)Faiz Fahmi(one hell of a big dude...wonder where he is now)
8)Steven Lee - Hippo
9)Kulraj - Beaver
10)Denise Wong - Aligator
11)Acga Cheng - Jumbo
12)Vanitha - Mammoth
13)Choo Kean Seng(dude lost contact after his dad had passed away and last heard had move to KL)
14)Kok Kelvin

anyway..still gt alot but 4get ady....ahh...sweet memory when studying in primary sch...haha

Bye for nw..had to complete my note and assignment ady...BB

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Huhu...SRC election back...anyway well based on the title...sure nt many will knw wat a SRC stand Students Representative Council...which is like student bodies society in my college...hehe...well my fren is running for the Legal Affair officer must help him lor..summore juz pose only the was kinda fun but tired....well on that morning tat we wanted to hav the photo shoot...we all agree on meeting in the college den only decide where we wan to have our photshot.....1st...we think of the 'Chan Ka Shu Yuen' which is beside my college(kinda famous oo) where it had the old temple we wan to achieve the Election or Internal Affair feel...(which both of them are a ver god movie) so after much discussion and the weather outside is raining..hence we change places but dunno where to take...den later either Victor or JC saying tat let's go to the Old China cafe...and we were like..yea...coz tat place gt those old kopitiam and had the gangster/old temple feel....but due to our luck...the auntie(who was our college previous cafeteria boss) come out and tell us tat the place had been reserved....and i think is our college Lec...argh....we hit the we end up...lets have lunch 1st den only we had lunch at Purple Cane and did our pose training...where 'tai lo'(Victor) wan use to show constipated and thinking look..wakaka is my shot

and here is Fuseng(Alan) shot!!any gal who wan to hav his number juz giv me a buzz..i will giv it to u...
Hmm..discussing...From left...Matt,Alan,David,Kelv and Victor(nt in the pic JC,SeetLoong and me)

well after much thinking..we end up tat we are going to hav the photo shoot at we head bck and go to the 4th floor....well basically i juz like 4th floor...but din hav a chance to study at 4th floor ady...haiz...anyway....while we were taking the pic...there is already some A-Level student inside the room where they were self studying...and while we were taking pic....1 of the gal keep laughing...and saying tat our pose were kinda funny and she is kinda attracted to Victor pose....wakaka...anyhow...we did come out wif a gud pic(which i think) and was taken by Matt...

From left - Seetloong,FuSeng(Alan),Victor,JC(Sitting)Kelvin and me...hehe

after that...the pic were giv to kelvin and he had to photoshop it..heheso the reesult is....

Haha...Nice mah??

Here the pic on da wall...

K....guess tat end of will update later.....oh ya by the way...JC win the post without any competition where intially there is....haiz....