Saturday, 13 October 2007

HARI RAYA every1!!! Hari Raya i cant believe even my house oso full wif Cookies which u normally go to ur fren hous to visit to eat those cookies....thz to 1 of my dad's customer who live in i call her Nenek Purun...wat to say...tat nenek very kind and nt only Hari Raya..but some of the occasion she will ask her son to bring some fruit from her orchard to my dad...haha...damn nice oo..anyway here the cookies

hmm..quite ok..but a bit soggy liao...Choc wif rice thingy

Quite nice,erm...salty de..i think is 'Gajus' on the top of the cookies

This 1 very nice,is called Kuih Bangkit??i knw in cantonese call 'Fan Po Peng' fav of all...The Honey Cornflakes...damn Yummy

Erm...dunno wat it called...but i think is abit sweet and salty de...

well all the above i only knw the fried banana...but the other i dunno...but it sure damn yummy...

Haha...all being stack together...YUM YUM first my mom wanted to giv all those food away as gift to some of my dad's fren...coz i havent reach hometown yet....and luckily they din giv away yet and i say to them..if u all dunwan to eat juz giv me bring to kl for me to munch...hehe...damn yummy leh...oso dunno why they dun like to eat...anyway...den my mom say i really like a malay ady...wakaka long time din heard tat word ady..."hey,u juz like a malay''....well coz last time i was studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan when i was in Primary sch(yaya..i knw i knw...i dunno how to read chinese character!!!ok??) basically my common language was BM and english(although quite sucks at it) the word would come from my cousin mouth who was chinese educated,where they come to visit/play...den my fren call of coz chat in BM lar...den they all gt 1 kind of look den say out the word ady...haha but who least i gt some of nice fren in my primary sch...let see..wat is their name.....
Primary Sch Frens tat can hang out along
2)Amir Nasryid
3)Tengku Saifuddin(okok only)
4)Akmal Aizat(shift to payapulai den lost contact ady)
5)1 more fella forget the name ady...but very fren wif him de...haha
6)Faiz Fahmi(one hell of a big dude...wonder where he is now)
8)Steven Lee - Hippo
9)Kulraj - Beaver
10)Denise Wong - Aligator
11)Acga Cheng - Jumbo
12)Vanitha - Mammoth
13)Choo Kean Seng(dude lost contact after his dad had passed away and last heard had move to KL)
14)Kok Kelvin

anyway..still gt alot but 4get ady....ahh...sweet memory when studying in primary sch...haha

Bye for nw..had to complete my note and assignment ady...BB


azuri said...

kazu.. i didn't know you celebrate raya one..? hehehe.. anyway, happy holiday and selamat hari raya to you..!!!

Da Devil said...

huhu...thz bro...wakaka..basically i wat oso celebrate de...coz Raya i gt lot of kuih,Deepavali is juz near my Birthday and CNY...i can get many angpow...muahaha