Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Poco's Flyer

Today,had park by the road side near my college...after class..den head over to get my car...and saw a flyer on my car..tot some random stuff..when i take a closer Poco's Flyer..wakaka..nice...set lunch From Rm9.90 onwards...yummy

Lunch from RM9.90 onwards

Must try Unagi don..hehe

Yesterday after dinner wif hon,when she go to trunk to get her bag,she notice the emblem like wanted to fall off and ask me to hav a look...den i juz strip the emblem out..rather than falling away while driving

Original A31 Cefiro emblems?

yesterday after much worried of unable to get wat i wanted for my result in future...saw Kelvin's msn pm kinda funny...which he put ''Cassie,18/F/Jp''....hence i reply ''Hi, im 24/M/Msia....hence the below story come abt of me become a pedobear and simply funny...wakaka..well at least tat take my mind off the stress or ''struss''(stress + frust) awhile...den bck to asking for tips how to study...really worried of the coming exam and nt being able to get wat i wanted...will really go jump off a bridge or juz simply kill myself....zzzz...enuf of it...bck to la la

yea is too small..oh well..PEDOBEAR TOO OLD,DO NOT WANT

Monday, 22 February 2010


well..nth much to update...coz juz bz wif eat,slp and gaming..wakaka,and yes...din hav any car related post yet,as i din hav extra budget for the car yet..wakaka...

anyway...on the 30th b4 the 1st day of Chinese New Year,around 11pm go to the temple at Mentakab,(Ma Zu Temple/Ah Po Temple/Tin Hau Temple)...den while im there...saw lion i straight take out my camera and click click...suddenly when i went inside and take more pics...suddenly screen turn black and i look at the screen...deng...battery run out of juice...i din check b4 i take the i lost lot of nice pics of the futher lion dance and firework....sigh...oh well...basically din take much pics during cny...kinda lazy to bring out bulky camera,need to get a compact point and shoot camera...need it cheap...dirt cheap..coz is for everyday use..wakaka

at the entrance of the Temple..kinda blurry,my hand nt steady enuf...coz shuter speed set at 2 or 3 secs..i forget ady..wakaka

Much better

lot of lot of joss sticks

walk into the temple...i mean climb..wakaka

and i saw this...muehehe

Pay respect to the administrator of the Temple

walk walk

Hey u...wat u looking at?

Last pic of that day...den the camera's Battery ran out of juice...lolz

Well Come to think of it..i still din manage to go to Sin Sze Si Ya Temple/Sze Yah Temple near my college to take the pic...been metioning abt it for quite some times ady...wakaka...any1 wan to join me?hehe...coz since small every year i will come to KL especially to the SinSzeSiYa Temple to pray,wonder the car park attendance still there or not....

Move on,on the 1st day of CNY,i woke up kinda erm..early...den when i step out of my was filled wif smoke,as dad was burning incense and 'Fa Bou' there and he din close the living room sliding door..hence..whole house was like being hit by Anti Terrorist Squad wif Smoke Grenade..'Fire In The Hole'

I Like the effect of the sunlight beam... was bright and sunny

Tat all the pics i too during the Year of The TIGER...ROAR which was also my year..means im getting older too..wakaka.....

Chinese New Year event

30th of Chinese New Year Eve - have steamboat wif family,den go to Temple to pray
1st day - go to Grandma House,drink some Herbal tea(kinda bitter and nice),go back home and slp
2nd day - go to Grandma house for gathering and makan makan,den around 4pm go bck home slp and play
3rd,4th,5th - basically the same,juz had to woke up early and do some stuffs...
6th - come bck to KL as got class on the 7th

Tats all i guess...den revision will start will be hectic again...oh well,hope i can do well in my exam...hehe

Friday, 12 February 2010

1st Valentine celebration wif Hon my present from my Hon for valentine,since the Valentine was on the 1st day of Chinese New Year,hence decided to celebrate earlier,thz hon...hehe...

The paper bag

can u guess wat issit?

hehe...DKNY Deodorant...hehe

So as card and letter

Hehe,so sweet

Well den we go to celebrate our Valentine yesterday,1st we head over to makan at Kluang Station at 1Utama,as we ady reserved the ticket to watch the 'All well ends Well 2010''....we were late and we basically had to quickly finished our lunch(mee siam and 'cham ice') in an instance...and bacscically the movie supposedly start at 1.15pm...when we go in ady 1.25pm..and guess din even started yet..and the commercial and trailer too around 30mins...zzzz..basically the movie start at 1.45pm...anyway...the movie was funny indeed...wakaka...wif lot of parody and it especially Louis Koo play the parody of 'Ip Man'...wakaka

after the movie,we head over to Craft Brew pick up the dress tat Hon's bought on9..hehe,den off we go to The Curve...and walk around till we are hungry den we head over to Garden lifestyle store and cafe at Curve..hehe

The menu

Table 55


Birdie house


Cappuccino Iced Blended

The table spread

French Fries - The portion was HUGE

Hon's Butter Ginger Dory Fish

Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop



the white piano just infront of us

After awhile the pianist arrive and play his songs..nice

and we chat and kinda poor tat guy will end up flatten..wakaka(inside jokes)..lolz

Monday, 8 February 2010

Gasoline at Ampang lookout point

As per title was suggested by erm..i think Victor?i cant really remember as they been saying it long time ago...anyway after class meet up wif JC(yea our non other than the lecturer for my college JC Poon*muehehe,hope i din get killed from this),Victor,Kelvin and FuSeng...went up there after class and all park at Victor's house as his house is the nearest to the look out point...den we use JC's car up to look out his car is the newest and most powerful...

Once reached there...Kelvin suggest Gasonline as he said is more appropriate for frens gathering and stuff...

Jasmine Tea(FuSeng and Kelv order it)

Blue stuff(Victor and JC order tis)

I order Grape Tea...hehe

Yum seng!!!!!

when we all saw this..we all swt and laugh

Victor's Chicken Chop wif Mushroom and Cheese sauce wif his side order chicken wings

Fuseng and Kelv basically order the same thing..some Seafood Cheese baked rice

JC's dunno wat spagetti..wakaka


My butter chicken rice

Victor aka VIKTOR(in russian tone) the Leader of our pack

FuSeng aka Fuhrer(Heil Fuhrer)

JC Poon aka Lecturer from Burgeois class

Kelvin aka The Target(coz he kena shoot lot of time in CLP class,wakaka)

Sunset view

night view

Gasonline thingy...

After we left...some strange incident..where the road where i used to follow Team Kansei to Kuala Kelawang b4,got 1 black dog cross the road,Kevl and Victor scream 'GAO'(dog on cantonese) where JC hit the brake while going downhill...den we all silent for a moment and laugh after tat...

tat all....but tat day Seetloong and David din join...nex time bah