Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Poco's Flyer

Today,had park by the road side near my college...after class..den head over to get my car...and saw a flyer on my car..tot some random stuff..when i take a closer Poco's Flyer..wakaka..nice...set lunch From Rm9.90 onwards...yummy

Lunch from RM9.90 onwards

Must try Unagi don..hehe

Yesterday after dinner wif hon,when she go to trunk to get her bag,she notice the emblem like wanted to fall off and ask me to hav a look...den i juz strip the emblem out..rather than falling away while driving

Original A31 Cefiro emblems?

yesterday after much worried of unable to get wat i wanted for my result in future...saw Kelvin's msn pm kinda funny...which he put ''Cassie,18/F/Jp''....hence i reply ''Hi, im 24/M/Msia....hence the below story come abt of me become a pedobear and simply funny...wakaka..well at least tat take my mind off the stress or ''struss''(stress + frust) awhile...den bck to asking for tips how to study...really worried of the coming exam and nt being able to get wat i wanted...will really go jump off a bridge or juz simply kill myself....zzzz...enuf of it...bck to la la

yea is too small..oh well..PEDOBEAR TOO OLD,DO NOT WANT


Anonymous said...

Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
I will be happy to receive any help at the start.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

sirei said...

omg, you're addicted to poco! :D

Da Devil said...

anon - thz for dropping by..hehe

sirei - erm...ok bah..the food was nice..but im more addicted to sakae sushi..wakaka