Friday, 12 February 2010

1st Valentine celebration wif Hon my present from my Hon for valentine,since the Valentine was on the 1st day of Chinese New Year,hence decided to celebrate earlier,thz hon...hehe...

The paper bag

can u guess wat issit?

hehe...DKNY Deodorant...hehe

So as card and letter

Hehe,so sweet

Well den we go to celebrate our Valentine yesterday,1st we head over to makan at Kluang Station at 1Utama,as we ady reserved the ticket to watch the 'All well ends Well 2010''....we were late and we basically had to quickly finished our lunch(mee siam and 'cham ice') in an instance...and bacscically the movie supposedly start at 1.15pm...when we go in ady 1.25pm..and guess din even started yet..and the commercial and trailer too around 30mins...zzzz..basically the movie start at 1.45pm...anyway...the movie was funny indeed...wakaka...wif lot of parody and it especially Louis Koo play the parody of 'Ip Man'...wakaka

after the movie,we head over to Craft Brew pick up the dress tat Hon's bought on9..hehe,den off we go to The Curve...and walk around till we are hungry den we head over to Garden lifestyle store and cafe at Curve..hehe

The menu

Table 55


Birdie house


Cappuccino Iced Blended

The table spread

French Fries - The portion was HUGE

Hon's Butter Ginger Dory Fish

Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop



the white piano just infront of us

After awhile the pianist arrive and play his songs..nice

and we chat and kinda poor tat guy will end up flatten..wakaka(inside jokes)..lolz


Melissa said...

Happy V-Day to u and ur hon! To many many many more great yrs to come... Cheers! ^^

Da Devil said...

thz mel...u too oo

sirei said...

awww... i wish i can celebrate with my guy T^T

happy chinese new year to you :D

Da Devil said...

haha...ur guy go bck to hometown ady?

happy chinese new year to u too..haha