Thursday, 26 November 2009


Who is sheepy?he is a erm...a black sheep la..lolz...

Sheepy wearing there is no reason for u guys out there to nt wearing ur seatbelt,his 1st ever leave home and follow me go to LCCT den bck to KL,and erm..illegal speeding on the expressway..hehe,the reason he sit beside me is to pei me as i will be driving late at nite to nilai and early morning bck to KL..hehe

how he get in my car?if nt mistaken he hide inside hon's bag,den while she din notice,sheepy climb out and hide in my car...i only notice him when i decided to drive to Nilai..waseh

He is sleeping on his back,which more like he is trying to say hi

den sleeping sideway while cross his leg,juz like how i usually slp

and my most favourite position is this...slp on tummy..hehe

Feeling cold

hugging my bolster...

even blogging using my lappie...omg...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Dirty dirty car...lolz been 2 weeks i din wash my like my car been into a minor rally race...zzz,although i really like to watch WRC...hehe

Park nex to his younger fatter brother,hence is called 'Sei Fei Lou'(the fat guy)

How dirty was my car?hehe,see for urself...

Fav damn dirty 'eye'...wakaka

After that,send my car for Rm3 washing...well is simple and fast,suitable for me who is rushing all the time and Money is a big concern

after tat,i go to meet up wif ZTH members for Yumcha session at Kepong,and get to knw lot of funny dudes....ehem,i knw u r reading this blog..NenNen GorGor!!!wakakaka,after talk cock and sing song,much later we go home,thz to NenNenGorGor aka Beh for leading me back out to Mrr2 and Mizu aka Phillip for bringing me there...lolz

after tat,the nex day it rain,and i check out my car...

Wah,for Rm3 car wash..even got water Beeding...'kai wan siao',wonder if they using Shampoo and Wax together

after tat,while waiting for my gf,i check out my car's front tyre as i knw they are going bald,need to change b4 CNY, gone...need to save alot b4 CNY

Right still ok

But left is getting bald fast,wonder wat happened,i din take high speed corner...oh well,from nw scouting for tyre tat is Rm200 and below..lolz

while checking out the tyre,i notice...damn,scratches on my rims,although is taiwan rims,still heartache as this set cost me around Rm600(erm...2 years back)...haiz..pain pain

back to abit more happy stuffs....FOODSSS

Yummy,but i think hon's Fried Rice much better than least mine got egg,wakaka

Monday, 16 November 2009

Brand New Panasonic Lumix LS85 - RM300 for sale

Hi all...i got 2 units of Lumix Panasonic Lumix LS85 for compact digicam suitable for all
i din hav the exact pics...but is the same as in the web...

Front pic


Further info can be obtain here -

FAQ - How many Megapix - 8.1 mega pix
- optical zoom? - 4x
- Retail Price - RM449

Price - RM300 (cheaper compare to retail price was at RM449)
Reason - got too many compact digicam at home
Stock - 2 units(black)
Contact - Message me here or sms me,dun call i wont pick in college
Trading Method - COD - at wangsamaju LRT station or Midvalley-garden/1Utama /Timesquare

Phone Number - 017 962 7833

PS - dunwan to post as is electronic and scared later the electronic stuff spoilt or kena water den spoilt,waste ur money and my reputation as a gud present for christmas as well for u to capture pics wif ur love 1...hehe

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Jln Jln after class....

Today after class...hon wanted to go to the bazaar at Curve,but b4 tat,we head over to KBU for the erm...Breast cancer awareness charity sell....after tat head over to curve for our fav jap restaurant,Sakae Sushi..but we oso din eat the sushi..wakaka

Hon eating her Kimchi Clams soup

Kakiage,if Sakae Sushi stop selling this...i will less 1 thing to eat...

last but not Chicken Katsu Don...more of like my usual order..lolz

after the lunch,we juz walk around to cineleisure,coz plan to watch 2012,but ticket sold off,so we juz walk around to Ikea and Ikano,b4 tat we grab a soda and hotdog...haha....after that...we go bck home and i bought 2 shirts from Brands outlet...hehe

any1 knw wat car is tis?take tis while at carpark

couple of days rain so heavily till teh view outside my window oso blurred

how i wish my car got LSD...sigh

and my apartment start issuing bck new access card for cars which last time they use it but after awhile,the machine broke,for almost 1 year and a half later now,start using bck wif new machine...and new card as well

Kinda nice design of the simple and nice

and some random pics of my car meter cluster..lolz..wif lot of small toys..wakaka..from Nutrigen which was ages ago...lolz

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Random post..really random...lolz

Nth much to update...anyway 1st time ever filled up my car this full..i mean is knwn to the fact tat in ceffy the needle wont touch the top line,this time i did..wakaka

and later on,yesterday after dinner,decided to buy 1 of my fav kuih tat i long time din eat ady..i dunno wat it is called in english or malay but in cantonese is called 'Pak Tong Kou' simply mean White Sugar kuih...and is getting exp ady..nw RM0.70 per piece...and nt tat big...haiz

The Kuih getting thinner

den thz to hon for buying me the Koala bear de biscuit,which Hello Panda follow the concept from this Koala

Choc filling inside the biscuit many parking ticket...each RM5...gosh the Parking Lot tauke sure gain lot of money from us Students,especially recently as 1 of the cheaper carpark where is at Stadium Merdeka,no1 wanted to park at there ady as last mth,few car being broke into and the thief jack off the car battery...zzzz...uselesss bastard...

ok..bck to my study...and is raining now kinda heavily...huhu...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BMW M3 GTS,V8 4.4L wif 450HP

if u think BMW CSL is cool....wait till u see tis BMW M3 GTS...muehehe

With a 400 pound weight reduction and a V8 motor stroked to 4.4L the 450HP...muehehe...saw it from speedhunter...awesome,Kelv...u will like this...haha

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Edit pics...noobie style..lolz

Yea..stole some pic from Tomiya blog...and play wif the pics....nth much...dun flame me or i really dunno how to photochop and edit de...wakaka..hope u all wont blind from looking at this horrible edit..instead juz drool on the car...haha

Ori pic...head on

Re-birth mode....tada...lolz

The Ori pic

My noobie attempt...cant decide which 1 so post 2 of them,slight diff...

and Retro R32 GTR...hehe

such a nice and yummy car...*look at my car*...utter sadness and is a passenger car...haiz...

Monday, 9 November 2009

Meiyee's treat at Italianies...Thx...hehe

After our sunday class,we head over to MidValley to have our dinner which MeiYee wanted to treat us..thz...haha,cant thank u enuf for the meal..hehe

James pretending to be rabbit...lolz

Our Fuhrer..Heil Hitler!!!


and of coz me and hon,but the pic i took of Hon de..kinda blurry and nt nice...hehe

MeiYee's watermelon juice...she opt for the safe drink yesterday

Fuseng dunno wat Iced Choc or Mocha...looks like milo..lolz

James's Casablanca

Me and Hon shared this yummy drink...Strawberry Smoothies

James's Salmon..yummy

MeiYee's dunno wat pasta ady...hehe

Fuseng's....i oso forgot..wakaka

Hon's Shrimp Pasta

My chicken...dunno wat it is called ady...lolz

and towards the end of the dinner...something phenomenal happened..which is our Fuhrer takes VEGE...and our fuhrer dun take vege as he dun like it..i salute u...Heil Hitler!!!here is the prove...

see...i din lie...

hehe...again,thz to MeiYee for the dinner...really nice...