Saturday, 14 November 2009

Jln Jln after class....

Today after class...hon wanted to go to the bazaar at Curve,but b4 tat,we head over to KBU for the erm...Breast cancer awareness charity sell....after tat head over to curve for our fav jap restaurant,Sakae Sushi..but we oso din eat the sushi..wakaka

Hon eating her Kimchi Clams soup

Kakiage,if Sakae Sushi stop selling this...i will less 1 thing to eat...

last but not Chicken Katsu Don...more of like my usual order..lolz

after the lunch,we juz walk around to cineleisure,coz plan to watch 2012,but ticket sold off,so we juz walk around to Ikea and Ikano,b4 tat we grab a soda and hotdog...haha....after that...we go bck home and i bought 2 shirts from Brands outlet...hehe

any1 knw wat car is tis?take tis while at carpark

couple of days rain so heavily till teh view outside my window oso blurred

how i wish my car got LSD...sigh

and my apartment start issuing bck new access card for cars which last time they use it but after awhile,the machine broke,for almost 1 year and a half later now,start using bck wif new machine...and new card as well

Kinda nice design of the simple and nice

and some random pics of my car meter cluster..lolz..wif lot of small toys..wakaka..from Nutrigen which was ages ago...lolz


Eu Jin said...

That is a Toyota WiLL Vi. It has the same engine as the Yaris.

Da Devil said...

oo..thz...wakaka...lot of ppls tell me is Nissan March...lolz

Red_ said...

No lsd still can drift wan.
viscous lsd right you??

Da Devil said...

nop...i dun think got,but still can play abit,juz on wet road..wakaka