Monday, 23 November 2009

Dirty dirty car...lolz been 2 weeks i din wash my like my car been into a minor rally race...zzz,although i really like to watch WRC...hehe

Park nex to his younger fatter brother,hence is called 'Sei Fei Lou'(the fat guy)

How dirty was my car?hehe,see for urself...

Fav damn dirty 'eye'...wakaka

After that,send my car for Rm3 washing...well is simple and fast,suitable for me who is rushing all the time and Money is a big concern

after tat,i go to meet up wif ZTH members for Yumcha session at Kepong,and get to knw lot of funny dudes....ehem,i knw u r reading this blog..NenNen GorGor!!!wakakaka,after talk cock and sing song,much later we go home,thz to NenNenGorGor aka Beh for leading me back out to Mrr2 and Mizu aka Phillip for bringing me there...lolz

after tat,the nex day it rain,and i check out my car...

Wah,for Rm3 car wash..even got water Beeding...'kai wan siao',wonder if they using Shampoo and Wax together

after tat,while waiting for my gf,i check out my car's front tyre as i knw they are going bald,need to change b4 CNY, gone...need to save alot b4 CNY

Right still ok

But left is getting bald fast,wonder wat happened,i din take high speed corner...oh well,from nw scouting for tyre tat is Rm200 and below..lolz

while checking out the tyre,i notice...damn,scratches on my rims,although is taiwan rims,still heartache as this set cost me around Rm600(erm...2 years back)...haiz..pain pain

back to abit more happy stuffs....FOODSSS

Yummy,but i think hon's Fried Rice much better than least mine got egg,wakaka


jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wooo damnnn!!!
dirtier than my car...hhaha
my car colour not really visible to see the dirtiness...heehehehehehe
due to rainy season and no idea how long i din wash...:p

wah left tyre bald-ier than right...

Beh said...


welcome to ZTH kepomg TT...

nice to meet with you!

ur welcome bro...its my pleasure!^^

Da Devil said...

josh - my car colour oso nt tat visible,but this all are sands,stick to my car..wakaka

beh - eh,din use ur nickname de..wakaka,thz bro,hehe

darius said...

hmmm... could it be the alignment lari ady? hence one side get balds faster than the other...

bout the cam kazu, still thinking but myself not so urgent yet...

Da Devil said...

haha...nvm bro,coz got 1 buyer wanted to see on see how lar

allignment dun think so,coz checked few mths ago,hehe

Anonymous said...