Friday, 20 August 2010

Vietnam Trip - Day 2 back...lolz

I knw,is been long since my last update,been kinda busy and tired after work,so i din upload the pics...hehe

Some Landscap at the hotel lobby

Pic took by Hon

everyday the flower would be changed

our tour guide for 1/2 the day

1st stop,the War Museum

next stop the cathedral

Nex to the cathedral is the post office

Ho Chi Minh

After post office,we go to Chopa Goda



fish or carp...wakaka

den we head over to handicap handicraft,where handicap ppls use the duck egg shell and also the coral to make handicraft

the duck's egg shell

this is the last place of the 1/2 day tours around Saigon,so we juz walk around the Saigon Square,the Tax Dept den finally we go to this restaurant for lunch

yum yum,love coconut

special petrol station

the hotel we stay received tourism award b4

after taking short nap and rest,we head out searching for ''pho''...the famous soup noodle

Grilled Spring Roll

Grilled Squid

At last found,and also the best we ever had

The codiments

The delicious sauce,seriously...damn nice

this is where we sit

The pork Noodle

The chicken noodle...delicious

Tropicana Twister in!!!

after that,buy the T-Shirt,den head bck to hotel,and i juz watch few laps of F1,den doze off..wakaka...