Monday, 25 January 2010

Ninja Joe Pork Burger...yummy

Yup is Pork burger

Well,today after class end at 5.50pm which actually class end at 5.30pm,due to Lecturer wan to discuss abt the article she gave to us...den quickly went to Tropicana City mall to purchase something for Hon...but end up din get it due to some issues wif tat stuff...den we walk around and previously we wanted to try the Ninja Joe's burger as it was Pork Burger but never had a chance to do so..hence we give it a try...

The outside of the shop

inside got a big pic of RX-78 Gundam

Ninja Joe was there too..wakaka

the menu..which was kinda limited...but is enuf..wakaka

Our orders...2 Ninjas wif Lemonade and Fries

The lemonade is nice and sweet
which Hon suddenly said it remind her of the Happy Tree Friends clip of ''Iced cold lemonade'' lolzzz

Fries was ok,but the prob is kinda nt enuf compare to McDonald

See..really nt tat enuf...but then the Fries with Lemonade just RM3..oh well..i guess tat explain the when u order any Burger(Ninja) juz add on another RM3 u can get Fries and Drinks for it

My original Pork Burger

The portion was abt the same as McDonald's burger..but pork..wakaka

Hon order Teriyaki Flavour

There are alot 6 Flavours u can choose - Original,Teriyaki,Sweet and Sour,Oriental,Black Pepper and Spicy

Which the more Ninjas(burgers) u order the cheaper it gets
See the Menu board for more info

I kinda like the ninja joe's pic on the wall..maybe will airbrush it on my car or look for the sticker to stick on my car..wakaka

and for all that with good service...juz RM12.95..wakaka..kinda cheap for Fast Food..did i mention FAST? of all..NO TAX!!!!yay

it was on the Ground Floor,which the same floor as the Carrefour,sure will go again to eat at there...but juz for lunch as the portion nt enuf for me juz for dinner...wakaka....mayb im juz a big eater?lolz

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Drawing and Cheese Egg from hon..hehe

Well...hehe...on thursday,go to Hon house to do assignment and study the Law of Conflicts together....den after finsihed the assingment,which hon finished it earlier as she done abit of it the day b4,and while i was doing my assignment and suffer from hunger,she draw sumthing on my lunch packing box and den she fried me extra egg wif cheese..mozarella...yummy...and drink the Chinese Sugar Cane herbal tea(which is 1 of my fav) after taking the meehon wif a nice sambal...yummy...

The kitty meow she draw while im doing my assignment..apparently the cat mayb had too much sweets tat why got spoilt teeths...wakaka

and the Egg wif cheese she fried for me..*sweet*...keke

and my Chinese Sugar Cane Herbal Tea...ahh...yummy

Saturday, 23 January 2010

ZTH's Kepong TT

Last friday..after several months din join the ZTH's TT at Kepong...coz din hav time and was busy,hence make it lasy friday,well with the help of Blank KorKor to the place,which i nw knw how to go ady,thz bro...where tat nite,he oso lead 2 other cars to the TT which is from abt far...which consist of 1 Red MR2 SW20 and a White Altis wif 3S engine under it...muehehe...and on tat nite,from wat Blank told me is the best TT wif lot of participants..which alot of Moderators was there...i only knw 5115 and EvolutionZ...since it was Phillip tat intro de...wakaka,actually all famous ppls was there TitanRev,SF......etc...wat surprise me was got a guy wif nickname Monaro actually knw Azuri,Burn,Kura,Liroy and others...KANSEI famous oo...wakaka...nice...opps..back to pic

Reached the petrol station at Kepong kinda early as waiting for Blank to lead to TT...

kinda bored so i juz took my car's pic which long time ago since i took the pic..wakaka stock A31 Ceffy...which Hon said is a junk...wakaka

The rear view..keke..juz after shower the car..which juz cost RM3..anyway..kinda ok for the amount of money i paid

The scratch of the rear bonet due to my mom put the new aircond compressor on my car bonnet and pull it...ouch

after chui shui awhile,den talk abt Kansei..den reached the conversation where i kena zhar...

Me - waseh,tat Caldina,at the Old Jalan Gombak damn fast,my car oso cant kejar leh...
5115 - erm..ur car stock rite?
Me - yea..and?
5115 - well nth wrong wat...Cefiro memang cant kejar Caldina mah(and giv the blur look)
Me - opps..yea wor...wakaka

after reached 12am,i need to go bck ady,as the nex day i got class at 11.30am..which i hate it..why wan to hav class on weekend..but look at got pros and cons...

Pro - usually no Jam in the morning
- can go to shopping mall on Weekdays,easy to find parking
- watch movie need to wait for so long and less 'monkeys'

Cons - need to wake up on weekend..kinda dreeadful if u ask me...
- miss lot of convoys
- cant really feel the enjoyment of weekend
- every1 was looking strangely at me when i told them i got class on weekend

all in was ok...used to it actually....den when i was preparing to go to college..den saw a Mitsubishi Evolution 5/6/7...nt sure...wakaka...was suspected attending the MLOC TT,which after EvolutionZ attend tat TT,he came over to the Kepong TT...mayb it is belong to MLOC members too

currently is my phone's wallpaper


nice car...still prefer Impreza ver 8 and 9,and also nt forgetting the Supra TT..wakaka,anyway...spotted 1 Grey supra wif nice deepdish rims at 1 of the Jln Gombak's Workshop which always cater for JDM sports so as Conti sports..wonder issit famous...any1 here knw abt the shop?which had red gate de...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Hilang? still here..wakaka

Well i haven't been kidnap by alien im bck to update kinda busy lately wif lot of stuffs,mostly is wif study...coz exam at end of goes...there is this car belong to my A33 Cefiro V6 2.0G..which the 1st day i saw the car park nex to my was in perfect condition...but as each day goes by...more and more scar and stuff come out...nt to discriminate female here..but the driver was a Female student...lolz

Plate broken - suspect hit either pole or motorcycle

Front right bumper side - suspect hit a red colour car

Front left bumper - suspect hit the yellow barrier or emergency pole

Rear Right bumper - Suspect kena wall as white scratches

Rear right bumper - suspect oso kena wall or white car...

Rear quater panel of the car - multiple scratches...all around the

If im the owner..i will be crying nw to see tat..wakaka,anyway found an interesting clip from Speedhunter

well i juz love it..see i wish i can do tat...wakaka

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Poco Revisit...Hehe

Yup,went back to POCO for dinner as Hon wanted to take her price for winning the contest held by Poco...counting the reindeers for christmas event in when reached there was raining kinda 'small'..after we went inside the restaurant...fuh...straight raining cats and dogs,lucky lucky...any1 who still dunno where is Poco...refer to the previous link...''POCO 1ST Visit''....

ok..back to food...i finally order their Special or should i said their famous Unagi Don...why i din ordered it the 1st time?well simple...i got a habit of ordering the simple and easiet food to cook when trying new restaurant to see the standard of the food...if the food was not nice..i wont even bother to go back for the 2nd time..beside foods...i oso look at services...which i really ppls ignoring me and giving me literally 'Black' faces to me like i owe him/her who served me a million bucks or sumthing...geeez....but here in POCO,everything was nice from foods to services,hence i go back for the 2nd time to test the Unagi Don which was intro by them...

My iced lemon tea...''Barney Stinson's Voice - It's AWESOME''

Hon's Bottomless Green Tea

Hon's Soup Udon

Mine Unagi Don set,come wif Miso soup and some kind of vege as side dish,which was delicious...haha

The foods and drinks was nice,Hon been ordering the Udon for the 2nd time..haha...the unagi i ate was nice wif the,juz nice...hehe...'''Josh..UNAGIIIIII'''

and the total bill...

Reasonable compare to Sakae Sushi or any other Japanese Restaurant's price

Im sure i will go bck to test their Chicken Katsu Curry...wakaka...wonder they will add Chicken Katsu Don or not..wakaka
I rate about 4/5 overall,which i will surely bring my frens to go there to makan...haha

oh yea,abt the bag that Hon had is the pic..hehe

She love it alot as i can see from her face when she check out the bag...wakaka

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flood in KL

Seriously almost every time raining slighly abit heavy...whole petaling street will be was Pusat Bandaraya for god sake...every year oso face the same prob....

well the water flow was slanting towards right and still got water puddle..zzz


also my Aunt from US had come bck for her winter break

Aunt Irene wif her daughter Nicole

My youngest Cousin

My niece wif Gigi


hehe..tats more like it

how i wish been able to slp like worry
''dun worry be happy''

Also had change tyres for my Cefiro,well the cheapest and most suitable set i could find is this

Yokohama A drive,Rm200 per piece...kinda exp..haiz...wat to do..rubber(raw material)'s price had increase so they oso increase their fact this tyre when they order the price havent increase,yet they increased it here...wat the..oh least is the cheapest set i can get...till nw the grip almost the same as my Barum Bravuris...kinda nice and quite too compare to my old Goodyear GT3...hehe

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas celebration...hehe

I knw is late,but better late than never as kinda busy lately wif class and need to resize the pics,celebrate wif hon earlier on 24 Dec for the Christmas as on 25 i need to go bck to hometown to head over to Johor and Singapore

1st we went to Bukit Tinggi to go to the Rabbit park..hehe

Go there driving this mini mpv..hehe

wabbit park entrance fee is Rm3

i wonder did they pay royalty for using Bugs Bunny's pic as their logo

ehem...bunny time..haha

White Bunny

wat ya staring at doc'???

Black bunny

Brown Bunny

Black and white bunny

assorted colour bunnies

Furry bunny

Slipper bunny

The Wabbit park

Hon petting white bunny

beside wabbit park,it also encompass wif deer and as some kind of stork

Will Smith??....NOT...wakaka

Hon wif the donkey..eee ooonk

din hav tele lens..wat to do..hehe

close up as she pose for me...wakaka

mama deer is asking baby deer to wakie

Does it remind u of ''Open Season''?hehe

and the stork...

After tat we head over to Japenes village and Colmar Tropicale

Need to park down there

Nice pine tree

walk up here...zzz

so hard to walk,luckily weather was nice

reached...finally,ppl who knw me..i dun like to walk..wakaka


hon posing under a ermm..dunno wat is tat

look like kid nia..wakaka

another nice scenery

some ppls wearing kimono for the purpose of photograpy

Take 1....cut...inside prison where can so happy de

Take 2...more like it

saw lot of Koi fishes there...hehe

taken by the pond side..wakaka

there got Spa but was kinda desserted...nt in operation anymore

and at there happened 1 incident which i help 1 malay family to take pics for them,and of coz i speak in malay for 1,2,3 to take pics..after tat the person told me tat he thought tat im nt im curious...which country ppls i look like?wakaka..

Took this pic at Colmar Tropicale known as France Village..nth much nice there so juz few pics

Go to Colmar and Rabbit park de tickets..nice place to go to get away from city hussle..hehe

hope hon like it as i din manage to celebrate wif her on 25th,which is christmas wif her as i need to rush bck to hometown and the nex day i need to head over to singapore...hehe...