Tuesday, 29 December 2009

POCO Restaurant - Christmas eve dinner

After the Bukit Tinggi trip wif hon(which i will post abt it later as lot of pics to edit),at nite we went to this restaurant call POCO

the food there mainly catering for Japanese style food,price was reasonable and the food was delicious..worth it,u all should go and try try,and it located near my college...haha

The Menu

The Speciality

The Deco u will see once u get in the restaurant
nice ambience

Other deco

Tables setting

Now,lets get on wif the foods

My Iced Lemon Tea,probably the best i ever drink in KL

Hon's Green Tea Pudding

Hon's Soba

Hon's fillet

wif Japan's Mayo,Ketchup and Chillies Sauce

My Katsu Chicken Chop
hon checking out on the wall deco

check out their blog,got some reindeers spotting competition going on

Cute reindeers deco on the wall

The bill...worth it,the food was nice and price was reasonable,sure will go there again to try their signature dish of Unagi don...hehe


jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wow...kinda okok tho...
the restaurant surrounding not bad...nice and special...

Da Devil said...

haha,yea,nice,dunno for u la..for me,the drink and food nice and worth for the price,u come to kl i bring u there u treat me makan..wakaka

Melissa said...

wat a cute name... Poco... :-p

Da Devil said...

yeayea...juz near ATC nia,haha

sirei said...

oh.. nice decos!
gonna give it a shot ^^

Da Devil said...

haha,gud gud,their shop need more customers..hope more ppls will get to knw this shop in order to keep it going..hehe