Thursday, 29 January 2009

CNY nite out...

well....yesterday go out wif frens to yumcha and plan to go to Kuala Krau which is abt 30mins from my hometown,but due to some unforeseen circumstances,instead,we went to 1 of our fren's house...hehe...well its been ages since i yesterday,all were gambling,if i din play,would like not nice...anyway..i play kinda small lar..for fun...dun really like gambling...especially when u lose money...wakaka...instead,i juz place my money there,see my cards and play wif the dog...

wat i had for the evening...lolz,any1 wanted to sponsor me some nice red wine???

tis year cny really diff,as even the weather oso kinda cloudy which cny usually very hot

the cash on the table...

the dog i keep on disturbing on...wakaka

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Roomate wanted at TAR Villa

hie per title above,am looking for a Male Roomate,as my roomate chiaoz ady,kinda any1 of u got frens/relatives tat study at UTAR or TARC or juz wanted to stay near to the wangsamaju LRT station....plz help me...hehe...thz

the details

TAR Villa,
8mins from WangsaMaju LRT station,
10mins to TARC and UTAR Setapak,
Downstair got indian and malay food stall,
convenience to get taxi/TARC Bus right after coming out from the building

looking for Male Roomate,
preferably Chinese Male,
preferably non smoker,

got refrigerator,
washing machine,

juz RM170(not included electricity,water bill and streamyx)

plz call -
William - 017 962 7833
YangHang - 012 857 5558

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

1st day of CNY...will remember it for life...i guess

well on the 1st day of cny,kena stop by police i had tell all my frens b4 tat i wont bribe when i really kena stop by the roadside for my mistake and today i had say 'No' to bribing..wakaka,but is the 1st time i encounter wif this prob..hehe

ok...the situation is i dunno tat road is 1 way,and turn to right(which was unknown to me and it was my fren led me the way,and it was a '+' junctions which) they(2 policeman,not traffic) saw me and light me down ask me to stop by the roadside....and here the conversation..
P1 - police
P1 - hmm...IC dan License
Fren - semua orang ke?
P1 - tak,cuma driver saja
Fren and me - kenapa?
P1 - u tadi masuk 1 way
me - ye ke...tak tau lar

me handing ic and license over to him

P1 - i saman ah
Me - saman lar

which clearly he was wasting time and waiting for me to make a suggestion to him to settle here....and at that time,3 other cars were doing the same thing as i did...which the road kinda confuse and din even had road sign to show no entry or wat so ever...

me - tapi,kenapa mereka semua lalu situ?mereka tak kena ke?semua pun sama ikut jalan tu
P1 - .......(den he turn over to his colleague and speak something in tamil which i dun understand,and his colleague drive off,which i suspected he tell him to chase the car i think)

while in the meantime,he wrote my ic and license on a piece of paper above the summons book and looking at my roadtax,while my fren keep on saying we juz come bck for cny,from UNI,dunno the road and i din make a sound,as im prepared to received my summons,as if he really giv me the ticket and i will ask for his ID as why he let the 3 other cars go if i go to complain,hehe) den his colleague come bck...dunno wat they said...den turn to me...

P1 - ok,sebab u tadi berhenti masa i suruh u berhenti and u tak tau itu jalan 1 way sebab u cakap '1 way ke?' so saya tak mau cari gaduh,u pun tak mau cari gaduh,so lain kali berhati hati sikit ya(in a damn nice tone)(handover the ic and license to me)
me - oo,thanks
fren - oo...terima kasih,gong xi fa chai...

den off we go...lolz...den we go yumcha and chats around...den suddenly it hit my mind tat...wat 'cari gaduh' he mean??lolz.... Laughing so consider im lucky?? Very guessing so...hehe

Oh yea...Happy 'Lamborghini' Year...hehe...guess is a lucky start for me...hehe...vroom vroom...

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year...wakaka...
yesterday was the day b4 1st day in chinese lunar is the reunion night dinner...hehe
so yesterday did make tongyuen(Glutinous rice ball) and bake some muffins...hehe

woot...Carls and Heineken...yummy...and lot of red wines...wakaka

den is time to make tongyuen....

1st up - prepare the sugar for the filling

den make the dough by mixing glutinous rice flour and warm water

den make the tongyuen

arrange it on the plate to make it look nice...wakaka

preparing the hot water for the tongyuen

after all it is done

den boil it in hot water to cook it

after tat,put them inside cold/iced water,to preserved the 'QQ' taste

den making the soup using plain water and ginger(the traditional way)

and add some rock sugar to add sweetness to the soup

den put the tongyuen bck inside the hot 'pot'

after is served...wakaka...yummy...

after that,had to bake muffins....

of coz,using the premix,much faster

den preparing the tools/utensil depend watever u wanted to call it....
some mixing bowl,measuring cup and small whisk

measure the amount of premix tat wanted to use...

den add egg into the mixing bowl

inside the bowl there are 1ml of water and oil,and egg as u see above of coz

whisk whisk whisk

add in the premix

and whisk again...

putting all of it inside a cup cake paper

almost done....


zack - is tat muffins??

and here do wish every1 Happy Chinese New Year,and hope u all will get lot of lot of lot of angpow...dun forget to share wif me ya...wakaka

Saturday, 24 January 2009

No title for today post....haiz...oh well....

Well dun really had anything to do to watever my life need for u all to guess...wakaka...anyway..din really had titles for the below stuff..i juz simply type it..mayb u all can contribute for the title...hehe..thz

I just wanted to see you tonight,
I just wanted to be by your side,
I just wanted to be there when you needed me,
I just wanted to share all your sadness and happiness,
I just wanted to let you know I’m here beside you,
I just wanted to be with you,
I just wanted to tell you that I love you.


The moon is beautiful,
It shines into my room,
Where I can’t keep my eyes of it,
The moon was so bright,
As there is an angel on the moon,
And the whole night,
While on my mind,
There are only you,
I had been dreaming of you and me,
Being watched by the angel,
Don’t wake me up,
As I’m dreaming,
I had to wake up someday,
Someday which I had to get over it,
Yet,I hope that day wouldn’t come soon,
As the dream was so real,
That I don’t want it to end,
So soon.


in the meantime...reach hometown yesterday,which was quite ok,as din jam at all...juz kinda lot of car on the road...but so many car tailgate me..mayb im driving too slow...hey,at least im following the speed limit...

den reach home and found something diff abt my home,as there is here and there deco for the cny...nah..din really take pic...juz some typical lantern and stuff...well but there is 2 things tat caught my attention

My dad idea of using this new rim cap to custom it as

and 2 new light in the living hall...i was many lights like now got 7 lights juz in the living room...walau...

today was kinda bored and hot...and now,planning to sell off my ceffy,as nw can kinda fetch high price,due to the popularity of drifting in my hometown...muehehe...but then i had to downgrade to 1.3,VVT-i,avanza ady...oh the meantime,try to look for better car i guess...or mayb keeping it for now,and keep it till i work and got money to change it...oh well...nah...i juz think too much ady...most probably driving it for now...hehe...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Lunch at Prince Cafe,SS2

Hmm...well today supposedly din go anywhere juz stay in my apartment,but yesterday,decided to go to college to study,try to cover Constitution of Trusts,so early morning at 9am,go fetch Vanessa as she got class at 10am,and today traffic kinda jam..wonder why recently all car from KL come out after reach college,den she go to her class and up i go to 5th floor,which the library was kinda cold and i forgot to bring my jacket...oh well,still need to study though...after an hour and 30mins(around there)...she and Yinshin come up to library and i tot their class was supposedly to be 2hours,which 10 to 12am..oh well...den off we go hav lunch...after much boring choices we had at our college nearby,Vanessa suggested we head over to SS2,which kinda near where YinShin stay to makan and can send her home as well...

after tat,reach SS2,which kinda easy to go there...haha...yay,learn to go another new place ady...hehe,den i juz drive till some place which i dun quite knw where we are...but after found a parking(which was damn lucky) and head over to eat at Prince Cafe,which was located juz nex to KFC,which the cafe were abit based like any other HK style cafe,like KimGary or WongKok it serve kinda lot of variety of foods and drinks,where the food comprising from HK,Thai,Korea,Shanghai and others...enuf typing....time for pics...

Lol...this pic is so wrong wei...wakaka

The menu

The surrounding...

Drinks - Iced YingYong,Coke and Iced Jasmine tea

YinShin's Thai style dunno wat rice...wakaka

Vanessa's Korean spicy noodle wif pork chop and kimchi

The proportions kinda large too

Mua's Chicken chop cheese baked rice...

see da cheese....wah

Foods - taste better,much better than wongkok and kim gary...
Drinks - okok,normal
Services - well kinda gud,and he even explain so many stuffs...lolz..mayb becoz there are 2 lenglui sitting in front of me...wakaka
Price - okok,standard HK cafe pricing...

well is well recomended to go,but try to avoid going there at 1pm/lunch time,as it get crowded,very crowded dun care inside the cafe or on the road..lolz...for me,if got chance,sure will go bck again...hehe

after tat...send YinShin back home,and inching our way back to college as Vanessa's frens will be waiting for her at college,den after send her to college,i juz go bck home,shower,and slp...wakaka...kinda tired as yesterday juz slp for 5 hours...

yay...tomolo will be going bck to hometown ady...nice...CNY is juz around the corner...oh my...hehe

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Red Bull??

yesterday was able to slp for 8hours,thz god...but still kinda b4 go to college,decided to buy something to wake me up....all my frens would knw tat i will be drinking red bull whenever i feel sleepy..but today was abit

Healthy fruit juice and coffee...muehehe

where is the red bull u ask??well kinda trying to drink less...see whether is becoz of that drink tat make me insomnia...hehe class was kinda minimal....dun believe

and it oledi 1pm...which the class start at 1pm...wakaka