Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year...wakaka...
yesterday was the day b4 1st day in chinese lunar is the reunion night dinner...hehe
so yesterday did make tongyuen(Glutinous rice ball) and bake some muffins...hehe

woot...Carls and Heineken...yummy...and lot of red wines...wakaka

den is time to make tongyuen....

1st up - prepare the sugar for the filling

den make the dough by mixing glutinous rice flour and warm water

den make the tongyuen

arrange it on the plate to make it look nice...wakaka

preparing the hot water for the tongyuen

after all it is done

den boil it in hot water to cook it

after tat,put them inside cold/iced water,to preserved the 'QQ' taste

den making the soup using plain water and ginger(the traditional way)

and add some rock sugar to add sweetness to the soup

den put the tongyuen bck inside the hot 'pot'

after is served...wakaka...yummy...

after that,had to bake muffins....

of coz,using the premix,much faster

den preparing the tools/utensil depend watever u wanted to call it....
some mixing bowl,measuring cup and small whisk

measure the amount of premix tat wanted to use...

den add egg into the mixing bowl

inside the bowl there are 1ml of water and oil,and egg as u see above of coz

whisk whisk whisk

add in the premix

and whisk again...

putting all of it inside a cup cake paper

almost done....


zack - is tat muffins??

and here do wish every1 Happy Chinese New Year,and hope u all will get lot of lot of lot of angpow...dun forget to share wif me ya...wakaka


Melissa said...

OOohhh... tong yuen... I love d ones wif nuts and sesame! ^^

Da Devil said...

nuts wif sugar and sesame...yummy...
coz din bought the make the sugar 1...hehe