Saturday, 17 January 2009

Friday day out???

Well yesterday i slp kinda like 1am,but dunno why,today can wake up so many things had to be settled..ish..oh well

yesterday aka friday,fetch Vanessa to go to library to study oso giv me excuses to study in college library which i seldom did...kaka...plan to go to college at 10am,and reach around 20mins later..,but b4 that,when i open my door,lolz,i saw something so festive,den head over to lift and wanted to press the button,but the button to go 'down' was nowhere to be found..kaka...but dunno why,the road kinda jam so reach library around 1045am

Open my door and saw neighbours is really in festive mood

Where is da button??

After i reach ground floor,this bunch of aunties were doing some dance,and when i step off the lift,they were like abit shouting and i was shocked by it...wakaka,which the juz dance beside the lift entrance...

10.45am - reach college library

after tat,study till 12.03pm,she said hungry off we go to hav lunch...

12.03pm - lunch time...

Her Korean Noodles

My Chicken chop Purple Cane

1.08pm - come back from lunch and resume study

The Stuff i need to study was kinda minimal compare to her stuff required to study...dun believe?

See for urself....wah...colourful....lolz

and during studying,found something interesting in the textbook...

'The law would look like an ass'...wakaka..tell me..which textbook is tis cool??

see...even Lord Denning state tat Scientology was dangerous material and pernicious nonsense by Goof cool was tat?lolz

After i had a gud laugh,den i look at decide to curi snap her pic...kaka...hope she wont charge me for posting her pic here...wakaka

den come bck to study from 1.08pm till 4.57pm,den we head over to MidValley to makan dinner along wif Jade and Wendy,as their EU class had been canceled...lolz

4.57pm - Chiao time

Makan at Kim Gary

The Deco in the shop...not really my kind of thing

My ShangHai Style Pork Chop vege rice...which i dun really finished it..kaka

My Aloe Vera Lychee drink...


Vanessa and Wendy....which i dunno wat vanessa was explaining...mayb sumthing big...wakaka

den walk around at MV....and saw something disgusting while walking around juz right after i snap this pic...oh well

after tat...walk around MidValley,and my cousin call me asking me when i will go bck,as he wanted to park at my said byebye to wendy,and off go bck to wangsamaju wif Vanessa and Jade.....after settle everything,den we go drink sumthing at Feeling Cafe,which Vanessa work as Singer at there last we call up SeetLoong and David to join...hehe

After go out for a day,a bottle of nice cold beer is refreshing

And the platter we order...

Oh yea...almost forgot,Vanessa's zhng Hp...kaka

den juz fetch Vanessa and Jade go bck....well...tats for today...hehe


Jade said...

"den walk around at MV....and saw something disgusting while walking around juz right after i snap this pic...oh well"

what is the sth disgusting?!!! US?!

Da Devil said...

u forget ady???
omg...nvm..let me refresh ur mind... tat gal who wear her pants till can see the 'crack' which was too over wat they said,low cut pants? view really disgusting lar....

lolz...of coz nt u all lar otherwise,will i walk wif u all??lolz

Jade said...

ohhh! that one..i thought that pic was taken outside of Nose.
ishh...disgusting? u guys enjoyed it right....LOL...

Da Devil said...

wat the.....enjoy??if enjoy,im sure i will ask u to watch along de...but den why did i complain and keep on saying disgusting??wakaka...

Melissa said...

D zhng HP very cute ehhh... go zhng urs also laaa!! Keke~

Da Devil said...

haha...why should i zhng mine?lolz..dunwan..later become galgal's hp den cham oso girly enuf ady wif the piggy hanging there..zhng summore?walau

sasa said...


that's my phone OK?!

u wait!