Saturday, 26 September 2009


Yup...the title say it been long since yumcha wif drift kaki from DCM Forum...this time...Edmund din show up,as he got biz to attend to...well we had change or shift place from Salma to Al Madina den Kota Damansara's dunno wat restaurant kayu..lolz

Typically ordered Teh '0' ais

The FF driver of the nite aka Aaron

The 4WD driver of the nite aka Phillip

also a sleepy 1(ps - still single,very talented in photography so can take nice pics of urs,so gals,wat r u waiting for,juz pm me for his info...hehe...)

and me of coz..the FR driver of the nite... fat..wakaka

after much chatting around abt this and tat,poisoning,blow water/cow, time to go home...but..b4 tat...must take pic of the monster 4wd...wakaka

The master wif his beast

Rear side quarter view

wif loud ass exhaust

nice i wish my car was like this...sigh

but wait..wat CD is tat???muehehe...

rear rims wif Brembo brakes

If nt mistaken,the widest GT-Wing u get from Voltex..wakaka

U think tis look evil...see again

Now,this is pure many 'Bariki'(Horsepower in japanese) it churn out?u had to ask the owner...wakaka

a compulsory shot tat i took wif all the car i shoot..hehe

cant wait for another proper shoot wif the car...haha

oh yea...and today after class,go to mv to watch G-Force wif hon,the movie kinda funny and cute too,wif guinea pig,Hamster,fly, far more better tha Final Destination 4...haha...nw cant wait to watch Gamer...looks action pack...hehe

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hari raya....and new family member

At last...after long awaited...some pics from the previous Hari Raya and today is 5th Syawal...
some of the pics tat i took after tapau bck from Pasar Ramadhan aka Param...which remind me of Karam Singh Walia wif his signature arm and hand moving action whenever he reported the news from the site..wakaka

Delicious Mee Rebus which was sold by my ex teacher when im in primary school...guess how much was it??...i oso surprise when i get to knw the Rm3.50..wif chicken inside as well..bloody cheap...

Nasi Bryani juz as well...yummy

Move on...on last monday...a new member had join in my family...her name is Gigi...

her famous pose when she is tired

Gigi - huh...wat u doing wif my pics?

Hmm...comfy pillow


Gigi was given to my mom as the owner of the dog got no time to take care of her,she is basically a pure Shih tzu breed and 2 years old...hehe...

anyway...i been long since any of car related post...but be will come soon...i hope..wakaka

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Well some pics taken from my apartment...enjoy

and take some pic when im bored....

Yea...i steering wheel's 'skin' desperately need rewrap..but last i ask..need RM250 juz to rewrap wif genuine leather...geez...

anyway...nw thinking of changing the springs of my car,to sports spring as adjustable was juz too hardcore for daily,as i need a comfy daily sports spring is the way to enchance its handling and reduce some of the body roll...but..brand new sports spring set me back to Rm1100 last i ask and i dunno wat brand is tat from...mayb is from Tokico...but..juz too exp..nw searching for 2nd hand units..hope can find a decent my front tyre is going bald..need to change 1 pairs of burning...sigh

Monday, 7 September 2009


1st...start off wif Mr.Scary bear...why call him tat?well it start when i was chatting wif hon,den mention whether should i bring him go bck to my hometown or leave it at kl,den hon say he will be lonely,den i come up wif tat later he will fly and come bck to haunt me when im at hometown..hence his name of mr.scary

Presenting...MR.Scary Bear...lolz,now he is on my bed...wakaka

And b4 i came up to KL,my bro had ordered Dell XPS studio via Internet..dun ask me xps studio 13 or 16 or watever...i dun really knw..but i knw is around 17inch de...haha

The box

Cool huh?i used it to play game nia...wakakka

and to keep the lappie bro bought a cooler,at lowyat...infinity cooler...more than rm100 i think...


after he got his new laptop,i inherit his previous lappie,as my old lappie kinda slow...wif 512ram,60GB hard drive...juz simply nt im using his old lappie


my old lappie

And....i got my nyonya kuih in my hometown...JOSH...i finally eat the kuih...wakaka


and here come the story of din wash my car for juz merely 3 days tat i park under a mango tree,and when i go pump fuel to feed my lil monster car...the fuel pump attendant makcik chat wif me...asking me how long i din wash my car...i straight explain tat i park under the mango tree,and the squirell happily sit on top of my car and consume the delicious mango...lolz

The mango seed on top of my car

so after that,is time for me to head bck to KL,but unexpectedly right after Gombak Tol,it jam,for god knw reason why police set a roadblock...from 5 lanes into 1lane...wat the hell....oh well...guess they r doing their job but they r wasting my precious petrol...and when u drive an Auto transmission car wif a 2.0 liter capacity engine,wif inline 6 cylinder,jam is the last thing u wanted to conserve ur petrol...furthermore..nw Ron97 had increased it price to RM2.05 per liter,while Ro95 from RM1.75 increase to RM1.80....according to OCP from DCM,stated that RB20DET need to pump Ron98,well in malaysia,highest u can get from petrol station is Ron97,above that,u had to import ur ownself...but nw im trying the Ron95 since my car din hav turbo or anystuff,coz my car still NA(Naturally Aspirated)not much harm can be wat i observed nw is there is no engine knocking or wat so ever,juz when the needle pass the 1/2tank,it decreases i mean RAPIDLY.....

was bored in the car so toyed wif my camera...DOMOKUN

and spotted this nice baby stuck in the jam too...hehe

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Vanessa Bday!!!!!

On last thursday,we all celebrated Vanessa Bday Frames in TTDI Plaza

we schedule to meet at hav lunch


Jade,Mandy and YinShin

Blablabla...foods time...wakaka
every1 were served wif the tomatoes soup

FuSeng and YinShin order this...dunno wat chicken ala kiev ady...hehe

Mandy and I order the Lamb Steak

Wendy's Nasi

Bday gal/Vanessa's Beef Steak
jade's cappucino(i think)

My iced lemon tea

the Bday cake


my slice of cake

concentrating in opening the gift...hehe
her present



den go to the car park...saw this antic


and i saw Mizu...wakaka

lolz...MIZU wat...wakaka...oh bro...plz dun kill me..wakaka