Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Clipping Point competition!!!

Well ppls who knw me sure knw tat im sort of car freak,especially to drift-able car,and i cant stop myself from talking abt it till sometimes my bro had to stop me(he is those computer kind of person while im the car person),well among the blogs tat was posted upper part on the right side on my blog..which i click it almost everyday...which my bro will say i ''hari hari oso carcarcar''...and he start criticize abt my old junk car...which according to my gf,tat he told her tat i adore my car alot despite sometimes it giv me some probs wif the car wiring,repair fees and stuff..but a RB20...the feeling of stepping it pedal to the metal,u literally can feel the force...and the blog i will well ''promote'' later on(which giv me an opportunity to let me win a mp3,which the chances are slim) oso had the same RB series engine car...but his car....more 'powderful',faster,evil,godly,monster compare to my car,my car was juz a 'fat old 'biscuit'(old chap) running on puny small energy bar,while his car was a pump up athlete running on Energy drink...wakaka...was non other than Skyline GTR V-Spec 2 Nur which..clearly...he drive a monster and play wif big boys toys while me..i play wif small boys toys tat gonna break anytime....wakaka..oso been hearing lot of wangan story..ehem..from ehem..some of my frens...hehe...hope 1 day been able to get my 'dream' car...lolz...

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

POCO Restaurant - Christmas eve dinner

After the Bukit Tinggi trip wif hon(which i will post abt it later as lot of pics to edit),at nite we went to this restaurant call POCO

the food there mainly catering for Japanese style food,price was reasonable and the food was delicious..worth it,u all should go and try try,and it located near my college...haha

The Menu

The Speciality

The Deco u will see once u get in the restaurant
nice ambience

Other deco

Tables setting

Now,lets get on wif the foods

My Iced Lemon Tea,probably the best i ever drink in KL

Hon's Green Tea Pudding

Hon's Soba

Hon's fillet

wif Japan's Mayo,Ketchup and Chillies Sauce

My Katsu Chicken Chop
hon checking out on the wall deco

check out their blog,got some reindeers spotting competition going on

Cute reindeers deco on the wall

The bill...worth it,the food was nice and price was reasonable,sure will go there again to try their signature dish of Unagi don...hehe

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Juz random and Im back...wakaka

im back...wakaka...sorry for late update,busy wif study and all stuffs...haha..ok
here goes,finally i bought myself new shoes,muehehe....well at 1st i saw at Puma got like 30-50% off for the Racing shoes i was damn happy,den head over to MidValley wif Hon to look for the shoes,once we got there,i ask for size 8 and 9..manatau..they say no more size ady...nvm,den ask them to call other branch got any size 9 left,well den they said at Bangsar Village 1 size 9 left,we straight head over there..only to find out,after i wear tat shoes,it was kinda weird and nt comfy at all,so i enquire for size 10,he said..."nop,only 6,12 and 13 available",i was size...

The 1 i wanted to buy initially is in Black wif string the above red Ferrari racing shoes

den look around,hon saw 1 kinda nice and ask me to test on it,and found it was quite comfy and the sole is suitable for my 'Uncle driving style' and i think 'heck,is nt like im driving any fast car or monster car or even a ferrari(which im more of Lamboghini fella)''...the shoes tat i bought was comfy and feel kinda nice when driving car..haha...cant wait to wear it for CNY

My 1st ever Puma Shoes,been wearing Nike,Power and Adidas
Left to test is Sparco,OM,Oakley and others..wakaka

Even wif the name of Racer L Python,but is actually a Tennis shoes..lolz

i juz love the sole..especially wif the Puma there

and also,i get my early christmas present from hon,thz hon..muacks...

Polo T from Adidas...muehehe..Feeling sporty?

Also been to KLCC to kaikai,long time din go there ady,and this year they change their deco from Big Tall Christmas tree which was kinda boring almost every year the same thing,this year..they change to Gingerbread man...nice

"Run,Run as fast as you can!
You can't catch me,I'm the Gingerbread man!"

Also had buy a new screw drivers set to replace my old and useless set...

The old and useless set

Slightly exp set..muhehe

and last but nt least...unrelevant pic blue tinted side mirror...muehehe

Friday, 11 December 2009

Vote for Sweetiegem!!!

Yup,hehe,plz vote for sweetiegem at

well juz click the link,den become the follower,and leave the comment stating ur follower id and vote for sweetiegem,well u need to become the plusizekitten blog's follower in order for u guys/gals to vote

Follower ID - DaDevil
My vote : i vote for sweetiegem(reason why is optional)

thz yea,vote ady let me knw...hehe..nex time TT/yumcha session, teh o ais on me..wakaka

Monday, 7 December 2009

yay,win sumthing from

lolx i would never guess i would get pick,but today when i open my email and check,and knw tat i got picked as the winner for guessing the nickname for Honda City

refer to this post:


My nickname - Devil/Kazu...muehehe

I think he will send the NFS-Shift to me,if he would pay for the airmail to send to Malaysia for me...wakaka...His blog were mostly focusing on Olskool,so olskool lover can try to click the link and read it...hehe

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Food and car spoting..

1st up..foods 1st...well i think this shop is famous ady,no need further intro,is Restaurant KinKin at Chowkit,famous for their Dry chillies pan mee,which was damn spicy...

they nw record the orders on a notebook,more 'systematic' ady compare to last time i go there

No b4 post as was too hungry...hehe,each bowl Rm5.30,price had went up again..huhu

and for those who feel the dry chillies nt hot enuf,can add fresh chillies to ur noodle..lolz
beside the chillies

Next stop,at ChowKit oso,here we makan Soup Pan Mee aka 'Mien Fen Char kou'...or simply in mandarin,mien fen kau...which i dun like to eat it,and consider since for god knw how many years i din touch this food as i dun like the flour taste in my mouth,i eat again....

As u can see,the ingredients was alot,and it was worth it,per bowl i think RM4 sumthing

and of coz,the nearby Fried Popiah stall's Popiah was simply awesome and nice to eat together wif the soup pan mee

Burpsss...excuse me...hehe

and i manage to park right in front of their stall on a busy and cramp road in chowkit,how lucky am i...actually i been round and round the same road for parking more than 3 times..and finally got a space...

Off wif foods...come wif cars...

Inconsiderate Driver stop in the middle of the road...

any1 who knw me,knw tat i got something for Scooby...hehe

For retro and olskool lover...spotted this nice and mint condition of KE70 DX wagon at the carpark near my college,the paint condition was absolute awesome,i guess the owner juz respray the whole car...nice