Sunday, 19 July 2009

Rojaked at home

Some pics taken while im slacking at home...nth much to do..juz stay behind ' bars'

Yea...behind this bars

so do my dogs...wakaka.....coz my mom saw my small dog aka Jack,kinda bored as his 'home' was at the back part of my house,so decided to bring him out to garage area to chat/social or watever wif my front house dog aka JJ...

Zack - wat u looking at???

du du du

U think he is cute???think again....

Only my mom can handle him

Ah Bi aka Jay aka JJ aka 'woi'...lolx

Juz toying around wif my camera....and yeap..cefiro got a 'Oil Bottle' on the roof...lolz

Tyre mark....make by was erm..burn out it in 1st gear..wakaka,nt tyre were crappy and trying to conserve it abit...hehe...but the tyre were hardened...almost erm...5 or 6 years old tyre

fake bird on my dad's plant...

wat else did i do??well..juz help my mom make kuih...made from glutinous rice wif peanuts and sugar as filling...i only knw wat it is called in cantonese....'Loh Mai Chi'


den...some of the forum-mer in DCM knw tat i had complain tat some prob wif my external HDD as it cant be detected...well is nt virus or some sort...juz the casing or should i say the circuit board spoilt to buy a new 1...hehe...same brand as the previous 1...and look much cooler and compact


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Jogging or Photoshooting??

On saturday aka ask me and my mom go jog wif instead... bring my camera along...wake up at 6.30am..i was blur throughout the 1st hour of the day...the park is called Kubang Gajah...i think in English called Elephant's Swamp

1st Lake at Kubang Gajah Phase 1

den we all go to Phase 2 which still under construction to make the park bigger

The entrance at Phase 2

The Elephant footprint

Stupid MPT...say is park,and open burning in the morning...stupid..i wonder where is their brain...


i dunno wat issit called...

Den today go to roadshow organize by some free gifts when test drive the FD1 2.0 V-Tec and answering some simple questions...hehe

Cap,2 set of pens(1 set include 2 pens) and a paperweight i think...hehe

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Tis pic is at 1260 x 840 resolution

well nth much to update...juz watched transformer at Signature GSC,Gardens....
well all my pics is inside the Iphone,i forget to transfer to my laptop,and the phone nw wif my pics...haha..u can go to kitty's blog to check it out...>>>

well nw bck at my hometown...nth much,juz become chaffeur and run errands for parents...and slacking around...haha...

Black cat spotted at my Grandma's neighbour house

Kid's potrait kinda hard to cute and notty nephew

my baby grandma erm...holding her i guess...i cant find the word for it...

Nth much,juz go to my relative's chopshop to pay him the parts i took from his shop,but he is nt at the shop...plan to take some pics at the shop,but due to my shaky hand...all pics come out blur...guess i need to train more..and if he is going to Japan soon..i might be following him there for 2weeks...mayb to looks for parts...but nw somehow the H1N1 virus is getting more and more everything nw still undecided...

oh A31 Cefiro is really on sale few ppls enquire the for sale for Rm27k wif everything on it...well nth much is on it lar..few minor modification

and my tiara nw is looking for Gearbox/Gear lever disintegrated ady...lolz...need to replace it..hope is a cheap replacement....for the meantime will be driving Avanza...hope can look for another cheap RWD Better than A31 Car to replace my A31 after it was being sold off...lolz...i knw i hard....wat to do...hehe

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Lunch at Biz Cafe,Solaris,Mont' Kiara

Today go to hav lunch wif kitty again...hehe

Kitty's Seafood Spaghetti

My Chicken Satay wif Butter Rice

Our drinks - Ice Lemon Tea and Peach Tea

On side note...
My pull tab ring had completed

Wif much more left over...need to find longer 'steel bender thingy' ady...hehe

had rearranging the me...nw look much better b4 i arrange it...really haywire