Monday, 29 June 2009

Lunch at Boston,Solaris,Mont' Kiara

Today head over to Solaris to hav lunch wif Kitty,at Boston,Solaris

the environment...kinda nice

Kitty's Udon wif Pataya soup

Mine..erm...egg,grilled chicken wif rice..lolz..and a glass of Ying yong

Kitty happy,den im happy...hehe

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pasta Zanmai....and some toys

Yesterday after go to Nilai to get something from my bro...hehe,den go bck to Garden Midvalley to hav dinner and check out the ticket price for Transformer....where we go?we go to Pasta Zanmai...

Pasta Zanmai...hehe

Kitty's dinner...but dunno wat issit call..but it is tasty...Tempura Squid wif rice

My unagi kabayaki set...the salad is delicious

Watermelon wif tonic juice...

after that we walk around,den when reach..erm..dunno which shop ady,in front of Toy R' US,den saw something tat kinda nice...hehe

GT-R 32

GT-R 34

KPGC 110 - Josh,juz how how??tis 1 is to poison u de...hehe

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Nursing Ceffy

Well nth much happened this 2 weeks..coz at hometown..juz send my car to fixed the oil seal..the prob is wif the pulley gear tat need to be taken out was my mech need to shave off part of the pulley...once taken out the was rusty and beyond my car had been on the jack for almost 3 days in front of my house(my mech juz live across my house) coz need to search for replacement pulley...right nw,it still in front of my house,as need to install back all the parts that had been nw the car will be better than more hiccup...

coconut tree had blocked the side view...

Really on the jack

Taken off the headlight,radiator and some stuffs...


After tat..since i had take out my camera..might as well play around

My town car...

Hood view


dunno wat it is called....

Monday, 22 June 2009

Strange looking Fruits

Well Spotted this strange looking pineapple while at my Grandma looks like strawberry too...wait..Strawberry + Pineapple = Strawapple???lolz

Holiday = slacking

Holiday....nth to do..juz become driver or chauffeur....lolz...

Now only i knw tat Avanza 1.5G got CF imprint stuff...lolz

Beside tat...go to grandma house...and play wif her dog...


And back to repairing my car...lolz...minor prob...

After more hiccup...hehe...

oh yea...hope can sell it soon...looking for other project...hehe

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Kuantan Trip - Day 2,14 June 09(Part 4)

Well this marks the last day in after wake up,we head over to have brunch b4 going bck to KL

Juz woke up...hehe

MeiYee and James


MeiYee's Duck Noodle soup

Kitty's Dried Noodle

Mine...hehe,mixture of Duck meat and BBQ pork

Roast Pork...yummy

Another Yummy Nasi Lemak,but too bad,when we are there for it,he juz finished his we had to wait if we wanted to eat it..coz we were too hungry,so we din wait for it...will try it next time...

well nw,the last entry of the Kuantan trip...a memorable 1,and i wont forget abt it in my entire life...hehe...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kuantan Trip - Day 2,13 June 09(Part 3)

On the 3rd day,we decided to go to Sg.Lembing to climb the Lembing Hill...the day b4 13th june,we juz barely slp for 4 had to wake up at 4am...lolz

B4 heading to climb the hill,we decided to go to Hainan association building to ease ourself...
WARNING - pls,if any of u guys plan to go there,make sure u had settle urself b4 going the toilet inside the hainan association building...was damn awful and teruk...even James oso swear and ask me not to use the toilet else i would fark up...haha

Reach the hill top around 6am sumthing

other view

lot of ppls were there too...


James's frens were celebrating some1 bday...
anyway...they sing lot of times of Birthday song...which was kinda embarasing for me if im the bday boy..wakaka...coz they sing kinda loud and multiple wanted to tell all the person on the hill tat it was her bday...anyhow...i dunno whether wat they got for their moral education or stuff...but as normal person would definitely throw the rubbish inside the rubbish bin...

see the ribbons on the floor??geez...summore from local UNI...i mean..if no rubbish bin,why cant they juz keep it and throw it when they reach the foot hill...

Kitty,MeiYee and James

Kitty and James



and kitty wear crocs to climb the hill

lot of 'paku pakis' tree here

any1 knw wat berry is tat?hehe

even got fly..wakaka

going back lor...

we are above the cloud...hehe

kitty - while going bck down...

see how steep was

the housing area...

The Hainan Association building in Lembing...provided us an unforgettable memories..wakaka

walking back to car...

The Big Tree in Lembing

James's Hyundai Accent

after tat..we straight go for our breakfast coz basically we all are straving

James's Loh Mai Kai(Glutinous Rice wif chicken)

Kitty's Soup MeeHoon

My KonLoo Noodle(Dried Noodle)

after tat,we go bck to our hotel and to shower...lolz...after we rest awhile,we headed out to yumcha and stuff

cool pic of James

Notty Kitty

Spotted tis at some pasar malam thingy...

After walk around and bought some stuff to started to rain...sigh...den we decided to go to Old Town Kopitiam to sit down and Yumcha,chat tis and tat till dinner time...after dinner at James's house..had to thank to his mom for the awesome home cooked meal(really miss it),we headed over to Teluk Chempedak..hehe

Nite view at Teluk Cempedak

even spotted 'Michael Jackson'...hehe

wat kitty bz doing??


well the last part will be post tomolo...hehe...juz go to kuantan for 4days 3 was all fun and nice...kinda miss those time in Kuantan ady...