Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas celebration...hehe

I knw is late,but better late than never as kinda busy lately wif class and need to resize the pics,celebrate wif hon earlier on 24 Dec for the Christmas as on 25 i need to go bck to hometown to head over to Johor and Singapore

1st we went to Bukit Tinggi to go to the Rabbit park..hehe

Go there driving this mini mpv..hehe

wabbit park entrance fee is Rm3

i wonder did they pay royalty for using Bugs Bunny's pic as their logo

ehem...bunny time..haha

White Bunny

wat ya staring at doc'???

Black bunny

Brown Bunny

Black and white bunny

assorted colour bunnies

Furry bunny

Slipper bunny

The Wabbit park

Hon petting white bunny

beside wabbit park,it also encompass wif deer and as some kind of stork

Will Smith??....NOT...wakaka

Hon wif the donkey..eee ooonk

din hav tele lens..wat to do..hehe

close up as she pose for me...wakaka

mama deer is asking baby deer to wakie

Does it remind u of ''Open Season''?hehe

and the stork...

After tat we head over to Japenes village and Colmar Tropicale

Need to park down there

Nice pine tree

walk up here...zzz

so hard to walk,luckily weather was nice

reached...finally,ppl who knw me..i dun like to walk..wakaka


hon posing under a ermm..dunno wat is tat

look like kid nia..wakaka

another nice scenery

some ppls wearing kimono for the purpose of photograpy

Take 1....cut...inside prison where can so happy de

Take 2...more like it

saw lot of Koi fishes there...hehe

taken by the pond side..wakaka

there got Spa but was kinda desserted...nt in operation anymore

and at there happened 1 incident which i help 1 malay family to take pics for them,and of coz i speak in malay for 1,2,3 to take pics..after tat the person told me tat he thought tat im nt im curious...which country ppls i look like?wakaka..

Took this pic at Colmar Tropicale known as France Village..nth much nice there so juz few pics

Go to Colmar and Rabbit park de tickets..nice place to go to get away from city hussle..hehe

hope hon like it as i din manage to celebrate wif her on 25th,which is christmas wif her as i need to rush bck to hometown and the nex day i need to head over to singapore...hehe...


sweetiegem <3 said...

hehe~~~ofcuz i like it..hang out with u is the best!muackssss

Da Devil said...

hehe..muacks,glad u like it