Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flood in KL

Seriously almost every time raining slighly abit heavy...whole petaling street will be was Pusat Bandaraya for god sake...every year oso face the same prob....

well the water flow was slanting towards right and still got water puddle..zzz


also my Aunt from US had come bck for her winter break

Aunt Irene wif her daughter Nicole

My youngest Cousin

My niece wif Gigi


hehe..tats more like it

how i wish been able to slp like worry
''dun worry be happy''

Also had change tyres for my Cefiro,well the cheapest and most suitable set i could find is this

Yokohama A drive,Rm200 per piece...kinda exp..haiz...wat to do..rubber(raw material)'s price had increase so they oso increase their fact this tyre when they order the price havent increase,yet they increased it here...wat the..oh least is the cheapest set i can get...till nw the grip almost the same as my Barum Bravuris...kinda nice and quite too compare to my old Goodyear GT3...hehe


Anonymous said...

you ASS.. it's global warming effect that the world is flooding like there's tomorrow...

the only way to prevent us from drowning like ducks on monsoon seasons... stop drifting =D

oh yeah, changed to Satria Neo 1.6 CPS or that hawt RX-8.. can qualify for fuel subsidy also.

Da Devil said... warming shit again...wakaka,is the sewage system sucks la..drifting...better off stop eating beef as it was recorded the ranch in US breeding Beef for consumption released the move CO2 to the less beef more kangaroo as kangaroo help to dunno wat shit ady,good for atmosphere...lolz

well i only get 30% subsidize,wait..i got 2 car..if follow mycard..i juz reg the Tiara and get full subsidy..wakaka

Melissa said...

Did Gigi just get her bath? She looks really clean and fluffy... Hehe.

Da Devil said...

yup...wakaka,the day b4 tat she get her shower...lolz