Saturday, 23 January 2010

ZTH's Kepong TT

Last friday..after several months din join the ZTH's TT at Kepong...coz din hav time and was busy,hence make it lasy friday,well with the help of Blank KorKor to the place,which i nw knw how to go ady,thz bro...where tat nite,he oso lead 2 other cars to the TT which is from abt far...which consist of 1 Red MR2 SW20 and a White Altis wif 3S engine under it...muehehe...and on tat nite,from wat Blank told me is the best TT wif lot of participants..which alot of Moderators was there...i only knw 5115 and EvolutionZ...since it was Phillip tat intro de...wakaka,actually all famous ppls was there TitanRev,SF......etc...wat surprise me was got a guy wif nickname Monaro actually knw Azuri,Burn,Kura,Liroy and others...KANSEI famous oo...wakaka...nice...opps..back to pic

Reached the petrol station at Kepong kinda early as waiting for Blank to lead to TT...

kinda bored so i juz took my car's pic which long time ago since i took the pic..wakaka stock A31 Ceffy...which Hon said is a junk...wakaka

The rear view..keke..juz after shower the car..which juz cost RM3..anyway..kinda ok for the amount of money i paid

The scratch of the rear bonet due to my mom put the new aircond compressor on my car bonnet and pull it...ouch

after chui shui awhile,den talk abt Kansei..den reached the conversation where i kena zhar...

Me - waseh,tat Caldina,at the Old Jalan Gombak damn fast,my car oso cant kejar leh...
5115 - erm..ur car stock rite?
Me - yea..and?
5115 - well nth wrong wat...Cefiro memang cant kejar Caldina mah(and giv the blur look)
Me - opps..yea wor...wakaka

after reached 12am,i need to go bck ady,as the nex day i got class at 11.30am..which i hate it..why wan to hav class on weekend..but look at got pros and cons...

Pro - usually no Jam in the morning
- can go to shopping mall on Weekdays,easy to find parking
- watch movie need to wait for so long and less 'monkeys'

Cons - need to wake up on weekend..kinda dreeadful if u ask me...
- miss lot of convoys
- cant really feel the enjoyment of weekend
- every1 was looking strangely at me when i told them i got class on weekend

all in was ok...used to it actually....den when i was preparing to go to college..den saw a Mitsubishi Evolution 5/6/7...nt sure...wakaka...was suspected attending the MLOC TT,which after EvolutionZ attend tat TT,he came over to the Kepong TT...mayb it is belong to MLOC members too

currently is my phone's wallpaper


nice car...still prefer Impreza ver 8 and 9,and also nt forgetting the Supra TT..wakaka,anyway...spotted 1 Grey supra wif nice deepdish rims at 1 of the Jln Gombak's Workshop which always cater for JDM sports so as Conti sports..wonder issit famous...any1 here knw abt the shop?which had red gate de...


Beh said...

sorry for the late that day my friend...let u wait so long alone at the petrol station...

hope u can join us again in the next TT...^^

we are waiting for you with open hand...hehe

Anonymous said...

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