Saturday, 9 January 2010

Poco Revisit...Hehe

Yup,went back to POCO for dinner as Hon wanted to take her price for winning the contest held by Poco...counting the reindeers for christmas event in when reached there was raining kinda 'small'..after we went inside the restaurant...fuh...straight raining cats and dogs,lucky lucky...any1 who still dunno where is Poco...refer to the previous link...''POCO 1ST Visit''....

ok..back to food...i finally order their Special or should i said their famous Unagi Don...why i din ordered it the 1st time?well simple...i got a habit of ordering the simple and easiet food to cook when trying new restaurant to see the standard of the food...if the food was not nice..i wont even bother to go back for the 2nd time..beside foods...i oso look at services...which i really ppls ignoring me and giving me literally 'Black' faces to me like i owe him/her who served me a million bucks or sumthing...geeez....but here in POCO,everything was nice from foods to services,hence i go back for the 2nd time to test the Unagi Don which was intro by them...

My iced lemon tea...''Barney Stinson's Voice - It's AWESOME''

Hon's Bottomless Green Tea

Hon's Soup Udon

Mine Unagi Don set,come wif Miso soup and some kind of vege as side dish,which was delicious...haha

The foods and drinks was nice,Hon been ordering the Udon for the 2nd time..haha...the unagi i ate was nice wif the,juz nice...hehe...'''Josh..UNAGIIIIII'''

and the total bill...

Reasonable compare to Sakae Sushi or any other Japanese Restaurant's price

Im sure i will go bck to test their Chicken Katsu Curry...wakaka...wonder they will add Chicken Katsu Don or not..wakaka
I rate about 4/5 overall,which i will surely bring my frens to go there to makan...haha

oh yea,abt the bag that Hon had is the pic..hehe

She love it alot as i can see from her face when she check out the bag...wakaka

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