Monday, 25 January 2010

Ninja Joe Pork Burger...yummy

Yup is Pork burger

Well,today after class end at 5.50pm which actually class end at 5.30pm,due to Lecturer wan to discuss abt the article she gave to us...den quickly went to Tropicana City mall to purchase something for Hon...but end up din get it due to some issues wif tat stuff...den we walk around and previously we wanted to try the Ninja Joe's burger as it was Pork Burger but never had a chance to do so..hence we give it a try...

The outside of the shop

inside got a big pic of RX-78 Gundam

Ninja Joe was there too..wakaka

the menu..which was kinda limited...but is enuf..wakaka

Our orders...2 Ninjas wif Lemonade and Fries

The lemonade is nice and sweet
which Hon suddenly said it remind her of the Happy Tree Friends clip of ''Iced cold lemonade'' lolzzz

Fries was ok,but the prob is kinda nt enuf compare to McDonald

See..really nt tat enuf...but then the Fries with Lemonade just RM3..oh well..i guess tat explain the when u order any Burger(Ninja) juz add on another RM3 u can get Fries and Drinks for it

My original Pork Burger

The portion was abt the same as McDonald's burger..but pork..wakaka

Hon order Teriyaki Flavour

There are alot 6 Flavours u can choose - Original,Teriyaki,Sweet and Sour,Oriental,Black Pepper and Spicy

Which the more Ninjas(burgers) u order the cheaper it gets
See the Menu board for more info

I kinda like the ninja joe's pic on the wall..maybe will airbrush it on my car or look for the sticker to stick on my car..wakaka

and for all that with good service...juz RM12.95..wakaka..kinda cheap for Fast Food..did i mention FAST? of all..NO TAX!!!!yay

it was on the Ground Floor,which the same floor as the Carrefour,sure will go again to eat at there...but juz for lunch as the portion nt enuf for me juz for dinner...wakaka....mayb im juz a big eater?lolz


charles said...

haha...that photo..when ninja joe suddenly appear beside gundam make me laugh...haha...the burger was rather small to me...but i quite like their teriyaki flavour

Da Devil said...

yea...tat why is suitable for quick lunch,or perhaps hav 2 ninjas den would be ok..wakaka...thx for dropping by

Melissa said...

I'm so tempted to try!! Was it really really really good?? :-p

Da Devil said...

yea...was really really really good...try it...hehe

Anonymous said...

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sirei said...

looks really small ><