Thursday, 12 November 2009

Random post..really random...lolz

Nth much to update...anyway 1st time ever filled up my car this full..i mean is knwn to the fact tat in ceffy the needle wont touch the top line,this time i did..wakaka

and later on,yesterday after dinner,decided to buy 1 of my fav kuih tat i long time din eat ady..i dunno wat it is called in english or malay but in cantonese is called 'Pak Tong Kou' simply mean White Sugar kuih...and is getting exp ady..nw RM0.70 per piece...and nt tat big...haiz

The Kuih getting thinner

den thz to hon for buying me the Koala bear de biscuit,which Hello Panda follow the concept from this Koala

Choc filling inside the biscuit many parking ticket...each RM5...gosh the Parking Lot tauke sure gain lot of money from us Students,especially recently as 1 of the cheaper carpark where is at Stadium Merdeka,no1 wanted to park at there ady as last mth,few car being broke into and the thief jack off the car battery...zzzz...uselesss bastard...

ok..bck to my study...and is raining now kinda heavily...huhu...

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