Monday, 8 February 2010

Gasoline at Ampang lookout point

As per title was suggested by erm..i think Victor?i cant really remember as they been saying it long time ago...anyway after class meet up wif JC(yea our non other than the lecturer for my college JC Poon*muehehe,hope i din get killed from this),Victor,Kelvin and FuSeng...went up there after class and all park at Victor's house as his house is the nearest to the look out point...den we use JC's car up to look out his car is the newest and most powerful...

Once reached there...Kelvin suggest Gasonline as he said is more appropriate for frens gathering and stuff...

Jasmine Tea(FuSeng and Kelv order it)

Blue stuff(Victor and JC order tis)

I order Grape Tea...hehe

Yum seng!!!!!

when we all saw this..we all swt and laugh

Victor's Chicken Chop wif Mushroom and Cheese sauce wif his side order chicken wings

Fuseng and Kelv basically order the same thing..some Seafood Cheese baked rice

JC's dunno wat spagetti..wakaka


My butter chicken rice

Victor aka VIKTOR(in russian tone) the Leader of our pack

FuSeng aka Fuhrer(Heil Fuhrer)

JC Poon aka Lecturer from Burgeois class

Kelvin aka The Target(coz he kena shoot lot of time in CLP class,wakaka)

Sunset view

night view

Gasonline thingy...

After we left...some strange incident..where the road where i used to follow Team Kansei to Kuala Kelawang b4,got 1 black dog cross the road,Kevl and Victor scream 'GAO'(dog on cantonese) where JC hit the brake while going downhill...den we all silent for a moment and laugh after tat...

tat all....but tat day Seetloong and David din join...nex time bah


niam seet loong said...

haha...u guys went there on last sunday right? lol...too bad gt clss so cant join u all

Da Devil said...

got class?we went there after class...was kinda strange leh u din join...hmm..they skip class?

Melissa said...

horrr... u all boycott Seet Loong... hehe... I'm such a shit-stirrer.

Da Devil said... stone la..wakaka

Anonymous said...

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