Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Well byebye RM1.92 per litre petrol....

Haiz….i bet this sigh will come from any car user….as there had been news stated tat nw the government had reviewing fuel prices….well basically u can say BuhBye to Rm1.92 per litre petrol….well I know the government will say tat in south east asia region,our petrol prices kinda low..but do they even do the research???as I mean…sure our petrol is cheap but the car prices is damn high..as compare to overseas country..where their car is cheap while the petrol prices is kinda high…but nw,in our country…car prices is high and the petrol is now slowly catching up….wat do government do???well spend some over few million on buying some Fighter Jet from Russia and get a free trip to outer space ….and where did all the money goes???no 1 had asked and no 1 is answering during the meeting inside parliament

Future Astronaut....

erm...where is the money??

….sigh…anyway…nt juz fuel price will hike by next year..but recently..Flour prices oso had increase…double its original price…so nw will see many bread or flour based food’s prices will increase…but due to ‘our’ country formality…anything other than flour related food or uneatable food oso will increase as well..i mean were there no supervision from Consumer Department??i was like...WTF...wat oso increase…yet the salary(well im still a student) had not even increase

….we cant compare to other country which stating tat their petrol/food or whatever oso increase and yet they din say abt anything….well try to ask them to compare our living expenses to them…we cant juz simply follow ppl blindly..which I think government should take a look in it…but well as they mayb will say…’if u think think is expensive den dun drive,use public facility’……but then..is public facility reach the standard and does it safe??? Take Putra LRT as example…do u ever heard tat even LRT station oso been robbed??summore in wangsamaju LRT station???wat a joke

…hence..nw flour’s prices had increase,later fuel prices will follow along.,Future?? Think for urself bah…anyway..i always think tat…if u afford to buy a car..den of coz u had to pay for the consequences…tat why I think increase is should but not too high and lower the car prices by reducing the tax…tat is how the business should be done…

Personally I wont blame on PM or who as is nt easy to run a country…but I think he should really do better as general election is around the corner and should ‘Buckle Up’(This quote is famous in my college,wakaka)


StarDust(English,UK) – u all should go to watch…as is an interesting fairytale story..kinda gud compare to resident evil

Triangle(Cantonese) – 3 Directors and 3 Actors…a damn nice movie wif lot of element inside...mystery,gun fight,gangsterism,car chase scene…u named it


Becoming Insane(Psychedelic) – Infected Mushroom

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

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