Sunday, 9 August 2009

Grandma 2009 Bday dinner...hehe

56k beware...lots of pics...haha

Well yesterday we had dinner in Kepong Baru(i think),at FullWealth celebrate my grandma(mom side) bday...the reason held in KL coz..almost every1 was in in order to create less hassle for every1 to come bck from KL,my cousin decided to held in KL...

At here...and i park directly infront of the restaurant...haha

waiting outside for awhile den every1 go in together

inside of the restaurant,we were given a room

our room,consist of 4 tables

Grandma's Table

Cousins's Table

My table

The Menu

View from my seat

My Table Set Up

Sam acting cool...haha

Happy Couples - My cousin and her husband

Their baby daughter
KaiXuan - wat u looking at???

Cousin - candid..wakaka

Grandma waiting for her sis

Grandma' sis arrived

cousin wif his D80,the Cameraman of the nite


My cousin's son..

The Stun look of him..lolz

The Devil of the cousin's son...


Taking pic

Juz my sis,mom,grandma and me
my dad need to work and my bro got exam,so he stay at Nilai

enough of ppls...start wif foods now...haha

1st up is the Longevity Noodle

Close up

4 Seasons

Eat ahhhhhhh

scallops..Hon's fav

The chicken..i came bck too late for the pic

chicken drumstick

and the delicious crispy skin...yummy

Then the fish

The prawn

The Vege stuffs...we call it 'lor hon zhai' in canton

Grandma erm...bday bun i supposed

The bun...kinda nice

end wif fruits...but i prefer if they served sago milk...coz i like sago milk..wakaka

Family pics

overall of the foods was ok...but tend to the salty side...kinda salty for me...and the chicken!!!OMG...they cincai chop de,till the pieces is extremely a fun nite...


sirei said...

hey u got a cousin brother called wilson rite??? studying at dasein art college too?

Da Devil said... wor....almost all finished studied ady...i din hav any cousin name wilson as far as i knw...

Melissa said...

OMG! I heart d bday peach bun... so cute!!

Da Devil said...

haha...nex time buy tat for ur bday???wakaka...dunno u so traditional de wor..haha