Monday, 3 November 2008

New mouse...yay

B4 attending my cousin's wedding dinner,went to lowyat to buy a new mouse for my lappie...

Tadaa...juz Rm15..lolz...

i knw,im a cheapo/cheapskate...but nt using it for gaming or long as can click,den is ok...

Tearing it there is no other way to open it up...


Too bad,when i 1st try it...the left click will jam abit...not willing to go bck all the way to LowYat for juz Rm15,i juz think of sumthing else to repair it..and by sticking a tape at the gap there had solve the prob...hehe...hope this 1 can live tat no need to waste much money on lappie so i can concentrate on other stuff...muehehe


i'm supposedly to do my assignment,Land Law on Co-Owner,but kinda lazy due to flu and lowerback pain,so im taking my sweet time doing it and blog..lolz....i knw i an excuse...


Is wat keeping me alive,
And letting me know,
That I’m juz like everyone else,
When I thought I had forget about this word,
It started to haunt me bck,
Why doesn’t it go away,
I keep on asking myself the same question,
Should I forget ,
But the more I try to forget,
The more I remember,
Those memories haunting me like nightmare,
And hurting me,
My heart was like being slice,
By a blunt knife,
Which leaving a scar behind,
Remembering me of the pain
That I had been through,
And stay strong for future.


Rosso said...

orang dah kata, go for Mobile Gear mouse

Da Devil said...

mobile gear mahal lar boss....kena budget skit...demi masa depan...wakaka....masa depan yang berasap-asap...haha