Sunday, 30 November 2008

Blue Blue Sky

Blue blue sky,it was a wonderful day when i was heading out to hav lunch...i juz like sunny days...
b4 go for lunch today,head up to some DVD shop,as Victor plan to buy some dvd,so i juz tag 1st din think of getting anything...but after awhile...saw a dvd sitting at there alone,which was the last of it...and is i decided to buy it...hehe... wangan midnight...hehe

after tat,go makan lunch,and go bck to class to slp more...lolz..dunno why,kinda tired,even during Land Law lectures,Jason(who was sitting nex to me) ask me whether im sick or not,as my face look tired and pale...sigh....luckily,when i fell asleep in class,when Mr.Daniel who was conducting the class, explain some imp stuff,he will wake me up...hehe..Thx bro...owe u a dinner...

During the class...mess around wif my camera...haha

After class...saw this beautiful Mazda6 park infront of my college Main entrance...

after class...go bck to wangsa,din hav mood to eat...oh well,juz tapau when im hungry from downstair...and when i reach my apartment...damn...the indian stall din open and i cant eat my Curry Mutton dy...haiz...recently kinda addicted to curry mutton...wonder why...guess juz had to drink plain water part of unintentional diet programmes...haha

You are not mine

When i saw you,
My heartbeat getting faster and faster,
The moment you are near,
It beating even faster,
That i would thought it would jump out,
As you are far away,
I could just observed you from far,
I don't had the courage,
To speak to you,
I'm a coward,
But i know that i didn't had the chance,
As i know you belong to someone else,
Who i believe can give you happiness,
What can i offer you,
What can a coward offers,
Someone would said,
To love is not to own,
To love is to see her happy,
To love is to wish she had found the one she loved,
I only can see you from afar,
And i am glad to see you are happy,
As that is what i hoped for you.


the title...kinda remind me of Skyy Vodka....argh....long time din drink vodka ady....looks like had to buy some to drink on vodka vodka VODKA....lolz

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