Monday, 9 February 2009

Where is my redbull???

Well,on sunday morning,was intended to get my usual tat a can of red bull,but then,as i were in the 7-11 outlet,they ran out of red bull...i was like..WAT!!!oh well...den juz bought the coffee which i din had it since last i tot,why not...well at least it keeps me awake throughout the day...

after tat...spotted the car tat i wanted to show Amar,hehe..juz for the sake of 'poisoning' him,since he juz bought a Mazda 808...hehe was the poison??


aren't we all hope tat we can escape all the prob in life?most ppls will 'say' that we should face with our prob and nt running away from it,but may i ask,how many of us really do face wif the prob of life?as we all juz prefer to take the easiest route to solve the prob,is by running away from it...


Im lost,
In the sea of peoples,
Where I don’t seem to know who I am,
Where I am from,
Where im heading,
What im supposed to do,
My mind only tell me,
Just run,
But to where I should run to,
The question that I keep on asking myself,
To which till now,
I still didn’t had the answer to it,
But I do run,
Run away from everything,
Away from all,
Just run,
All the thing I could do now,


Rosso said...

ARGH..DAMN chun Rx3!!! Or isit Rx808 Coupe? Didnt check out the engine?

Da Devil said...

owner nt there...but is collegemate lar....i think is rx3...and most probably rotary engine,as heard the engine roar b4..hehe