Monday, 9 February 2009

Tagged by Candy...UPDATED!!!

Yet again,kinda bit like repeating wat i had done in Juli required me to do this tag again in blog....lolz..


Once you've been tagged, you have to list down 16 random things, habits or goals about you. Lastly, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names, and why you chose them.

  1. I like to listen to song/music
  2. I like to eat..alot...
  3. I'm an alcoholic???
  4. I like to drive around in my car at 3am around KL area
  5. I'm addicted to Red Bull
  6. I always have sleepless nite
  7. I wish im smarter
  8. I wish im richer
  9. I wish i had more confidence in myself
  10. I wish to pass my LLB exam wif 2-1
  11. I hope to get to work in promising law firm?
  12. I hope to open Bar/Lounge
  13. I hope to own a Porsche b4 i reach 35??haha,hope can reach this goal
  14. I'm studying in library every thrusday???wakaka...unbelievable
  15. I always sleepy
  16. I hate my life??perhaps....
since lot of ppls oledi done this tag on facebook ady,i dun think i need to tag any1...*except Connie,as i din see her do the tag on her so evil*


╭-* cღииĩє 云 *-╮ said...

♥ wahhh!!!
♥ u really edit ur post and tagged me!!
♥ sobsob~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Da Devil said... the fun begin,and nex time i kena tag,u oso will kena ady....muehehe...

╭-* cღииĩє 云 *-╮ said...

♥ wahhhhh!! where can like this...?
♥ bully me !! T________________T

Da Devil said...

no not bully lar...juz share share the fun mah...muehehe...
dun worry,i promise,when i tag u,will inform u abt it...wakaka

╭-* cღииĩє 云 *-╮ said...

♥ u trying to say that sharing is caring.. ? lolx..
♥ sad lar.. im also promise u that, u tag me im sure wont give response also.... haha....

Da Devil said... response kah...adui...nvm..will keep on tagging u,till u finally decide to do it..hehe...