Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Recently had listen to all the old songs that i like when i was in primary school....no no,old doesnt meant those classical or oldies,but sometimes they are nice song...anyway...the songs till nw i oso kinda like it..such as;

1)Forever - Damage
2)Ill Be Missing You - Puff Daddy And Faith Evans
3)Foolish Game - Jewel

u guys can try the songs...

anyway...some recent nice songs tat i fond of listening to is...well of coz both the above in the list,but the list below is recent hits songs..
1)Dead And Gone - T.T Feat Justin Timberlake
2)Stuck With Each Other - Shontelle Feat Akon
3)Green Light - John Legend ft Andre 3000
4)Unbeautiful - Lesley Roy
5)Mad - Ne-yo
6)Sober - Pink
7)I Will Be - Leona Lewis

lolz...wow..tat's lot of songs...lolz..anyway i personally think it was nice...any1 tat got my msn can get those song from me...keke


As I am lying on my bed,
Staring at the moon,
Admiring her beauty,
Even with the flaws on her surface,
She is still beautiful,
As sometimes,
Flaws is the beauty,
Thinking of future,
Thinking of what I’m gonna do,
Sudden emotion had seeps into me,
The sadness cover up my heart,
The loneliness,
The despair,
The helpless,
Had yet again make me awake throughout the whole night,
Watching the sun rises beyond the mountain,
From my room’s window,
Admiring the beauty of the moon and sun,
The only thing that could make me forget all the sadness,
And remind me,
How beautiful the world is.

The view from my apartment...hehe

Oppss....need to chiaoz...had class later at 10am......buhbye...


sirei said...

ahahahaha...LOL XD
can't stop laughing at those cat pics
nice songs too :)

Da Devil said...

haha...yea...kinda funny...hehe

darius said...

nice songs kazu... i like the song forever...

Da Devil said...

lolz..thz bro..oh yea..juz nw re read,spotetd some mistake wif the song title..change it ady,is Green Light - John Legend ft Andre 3000...hehe