Sunday, 22 February 2009

Last outing b4 revision start???

Yesterday...had plan to go out to hav fun b4 the scary revision start where all 'zombies' will appearing at college...wakaka...yesterday it was okok...

take LRT to go to college,as SeetLoong said tat he will drive to sunway,so he will be fetching me and David go bck home...and when we arrive at college,FuSeng already arrived,so we juz jump in his car and he said tat we go to Midvalley to watch movie b4 heading to Vic's house as he was bz wif his Toastmaster activity...since he is VP for the club...wakaka...anyway...head over to midvalley,plan to watch Underworld 3,but only showed at 5pm,which was kinda late we choose Punisher : War was kinda nice thanks to stupid board of censorship in Malaysia...even put 18sg summore...geez...fine they censor those gorry killing part...but wat the hell..even when the actor swear oso need to censor...fark...not censor..they juz cut tat part....damn sienz...oh yea..and some retard tat dunno how to turn off their bloody stupid phone and throughout the movie,the ringtone went on and on and on...juz 1 word for them...STUPID!!!

On the way to MidValley

Madam Kwan's

David's Fried Rice

FuSeng's Iced Lemon Tea

Mine - Nasi Lemak wif Grass Jelly drink

oh yea...b4 tat..head over to Madam Kwan's to have our lunch as David oso havent take his lunch..for ok wif it...get used to 1 meal per day if i din study...kaka

den after the lunch go to cinema,watch the movie,den head over to vic's house to chat awhile and watch some old movie...dunno wat Dick and Jane...kinda funny...den head to YuLek area which was juz outside his residential area to hav some sort of snack b4 heading to Sunway for some archery session...kaka...oh yea..this time....we shoot around 60+ arrows per person again....lolz...

We ride in this car - FuSeng's fast and swift Kelisa...hehe

While waiting for Victor aka DaiLou to come bck


'Fa Sheng Wu'...Peanuts sumthing...lolz

Iced Lime drinks wif Jelly

Oyster Omelet...not the best i had b4 and not the worst

At Sunway dy...the price


1st round - only 1 or 2 hit the yellow mark..all at red and blue...but at least consistent..hehe

Well,2nd round,kinda ok..more on the yellow spot..hehe

some souvenir from shooting...coz the bracer aren't tat nice..tat why when the string rebounce hit me...and the bracer din really do much...lolz

after tat...head home and David keep on saying tomolo got class and need to go bck early to slp...well,after send him home,SeetLoong and i go to Hartini to hav our supper and yumcha session...2 ma lat lou chat from 10.30 till 2am++...wakaka...reach home around 3am,den juz cant slp...hang around till around 3.30am,no 1 to chat on msn,den off9,lie on the bed and read 'even madder about malaysia'...lolz..till 4am++ only sleep

SeetLoong's supper - Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang

Mine - Nasi Lemak Ayam

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