Thursday, 12 February 2009

Happy Valentine all...!!! Muahaha

...there is butterfly in my stomach when i saw u smile...

Well Valentine juz around the wish every couples in the world had a blast and to those who are still single,fret not...u can always celebrate wif ur frens as Valentine doesn't mean juz to celebrate wif ur other half/soulmate/watever u wanted to call me...going wif frens and enjoying every minutes of my life....

to which i was kinda curious abt the hype of valentine day,as why would the partner show more appreciation to their partner especially on tat day?isnt it supposedly everyday u 2 together should appreciate each other more??well guess we human juz like to take everything simple for granted...but anyhow...hope u guys had a blast,and to those single...lolz...dun be so emo and keep on saying lonely valentine and stuffs..juz try to go out and have fun as is juz another day in our life,why wasted it on emo-ing it rite??or u can juz go out and be more 'brave',ask the 1 u like for a dinner??juz as fren...guess no harm rite?hehe...

Is give and take,
Sacrifice and tolerance,
Loyal and respect,
But to find someone that you like,
As much as she/he like you,
Is much harder than you think,
Sometimes the most simple thing in live you wanted,
Turns out to be the hardest thing to achieve,
So if you already find the 1 you love,
Don’t simply let it go,
Cherish her/him,
And this would be between the 2 of you,
To found the other half,
To accompany you walk the road down ahead,
Is a bless,
So appreciate her/him,
And love her/him,
Deep from your heart,
And not from your mouth.

and last but not least...HAPPY VALENTINE !!!!!


on the side note,recently dunno why.....sleepless nite had come bck to haunt me...oh well...

5.15am..still hovering in front of laptop and text book nex to it...argh...


Anonymous said...

such a poetic person.. shud be a romantic person too..huh.. i duno i was right or SEEMs to be la.. wakakkaka..
YAya.. be more brave! ask her for dinner.. gogogo.. like wad u wrote in the passage..but i think, u better apply it on ur own.. wakakakka..
Happy Valentine's day..

SLeep early la ojisan..

Da Devil said...

wakaka....soli,my advice only applies to other..wakaka...ask who out??Wakaka

well i wish i can slp early later..wakaka

Anonymous said...

When u say smth ho.. u have to do oso geh la.. the writer oso nv apply, the reader wont follow.. haha~~
actually i oso wish 2 sleep early la.. wish 2ml go exercise.. getting fatter la.. damn.. ai~~~

Da Devil said...

wakaka...depend de lar...some ppls juz knw how to advise but dunno how to apply de mah...

lolz..fatter...gud gud...exercise much healthier...haha

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

muakaka satu lagi sleepless nite...
lets go touge...hehe sleep in touge...

Da Devil said...

sleep in touge...u wan me to crash again meh?Wakaka

jOsh_taKumi86 said... larr...not die in touge...duihh

Rosso said...

Nehh.. I everyday also Valentine Day, so no need to celebrate it. Hua hua hua.

Anyway.. Just want to say my 808 is healthy back! Hehehe.

The culprits were radiator cap, alternator and cable plug. Jaguh tested it till 140 and the side mirror flew!~ Hahaha.

Da Devil said...

cool last it is fixed..when u r free for yumcha??

lolz..tat why tat time i drive my ceffy till 170km/h,the side mirror shaking ady...scared it will fly off..wakaka...

Melissa said...

haha... u nite bird like me... I'm also sleeping really late these days... check out my skin! ugh~

anyway regarding V-Day rite... I think couples treat each other better on d day itself so they can show off 2 their frens! They go like: ehh.. c c... my bf/gf got me this... so sweet horrr... hahaha~