Friday, 20 February 2009

Thrusday grp study...lalala

Yesterday went to college to have group study wif James and MeiYee...decided to arrive early to attend the 10am class...but when we reach there,there is no Law Of Trust class at wat MeiYee saw from the we juz went to find empty room to start our 12pm,i had to rush over to Masjid Jamek to get sumthing from my sis...den go bck to college again and makan alone at McD...haiz

den bck to college to enter the 1pm Trusts class...but we already had done the question b4 so we left...and for the 1st time..i drop my drinks on the floor...oo...the emberassment...argh...luckily the gal sat nex to me was kind enuf to offer me her tissue...well i dunno her name and i dun think she will read my blog...anyhow...still will like to Thank her...hehe Thz

den we go out and find another room

after like 5pm we find our lec for some answer over the question we attempt and head out for lunch..wif April and QingYang join for dinner....

Coke...ignore tat dirty pig...

Mongolian Chicken

Marmite Chicken + April's hand + MeiYee Peace Sign...lolz

my Lemon Chicken

April's Fries Dumplings

and my new substance to read b4 i go to slp everynite which it is no longer Penner's Textbook of Law Of Trusts...wakaka...well is well recommended if u guys were interested in local politics and issues...which it was written in a relaxing and funny method....juz Rm20...from popular or borders

Even Madder About Malaysia

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