Friday, 5 December 2008

My 2nd car - Proton Tiara

The current look of my car...hehe,as had repainted the front hood,roof and rear panel...hehe
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Yup...bought the tiara right after sell the Charade,and again dad give choices to me when i go to used car dealers to look for another down to Kancil or Tiara....which of coz being a cheapskate i am,sure i go fo Tiara...hehe...coz it was like rm5k,while the kancil was like RM1+k....kancil while the Tiara was 1.1-litre 45 kW (60 hp) engine.

Perodua Kancil

My Tiara

where i come to do a comparison chart

Size - compact
Engine - 847 cc three-cylinder carbureted in-line engine, 36 hp (25.5 kW)
Transmission - manual

Size - slightly bigger than kancil
Engine - 1.1-litre TU1 Inline 4 ,45 kW (60 hp)
Transmission - 5 Speed manual

which in all..i choose it,in term of power and rarity...of coz nw,u can see lot of them roaming around,coz juz 1.1litre engine capacity,sure a fuel saver car and pack wif power too...after lurk more on9 searching for info...found this info

Stock 1.1Litre Tiara
0-100km/h in 10.9-11.4secs.(Car weight around 708kg only)
No rev Cut for this old engine,
rev all the way to 7.5k rpm.
1st gear 60km/h,
2nd 105kmh,
3rd 140kmh,
4th 165kmh,
5th 165kmh.

means the only 'cut' is the engine cut itself....

The cockpit

oh well...using the car to go to school during my F6 year and to Tuition center,it was a pocket rocket...been terrorizing the highway in my hometown...wakaka...the most success outcome is my car was packed wif 5 ppls including me,all around my size,and going 140km/h overtaking a Toyota Vios....bwahaha...yup,when i was in my younger(is nt tat im old) day,i doesnt afraid to die...wakaka...coz compare to now,my driving style was more like an 1st...

All the sliding activity had left some skid mark..hehe

well try lot of stunts wif the car or should i said train wif tat car?? one hand steer,E-Brake sliding,burn out and many more....hehe...and im still driving this car when i go bck to my hometown due to its size and Fuel consumption,where to me,is like a supreme compact car,well i mean in stock condition lar...of coz any mod-ed kancil or myvi will slaughter my small car....din plan to mod it,juz wanted to keep it in a gud condition,as had beed repairing it almost 80% bck to its perfect condition...lets see had done wat to the car over the years of possessing this car...

1)repair rear drum brake
2)change all 4 tyre
3)change all radiator hose
4)change battery
5)change wheel bearing
6)replace the snap handbrake cable
7)change spark plug
8)add a tachometer/rpm meter

well tat all i can remember,but all the repairing fees doesn't come cheap,as almost most of the part using genuine proton product....nw still left to do is servicing the carb,change all 4 tyres again and change all 4 absorbers...coz all 4 oso kong ady...hehe...

Some old vids i found in 1 of my folder...some wheelspin in the 1st gear...kinda short,coz the runway kinda short...hehe

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