Saturday, 13 December 2008

hehe...lazy saturday update

Well,there is pic tat i forget to post up and since all of them had post it up,i think i should do so...hehe...

Guess which finger is mine??well it was pretty obvious...lolz


Again,the below stuff,i juz merely typing,so nth personal and juz for the fun of typing it...hehe...enjoy....lolz...


I don’t know why,
Even I know that your heart is missing him/her,
I still think I would had a chance,
To replace him,
In your heart,
But it seems is impossible,
Hence I keep telling myself to stay away,
But my heart won’t do so,
I try to keep myself by the corner of the hall,
But yet,
I still can’t keep my head off thinking of you,
All I wanted is to let you know that im here waiting,
Waiting for you,
It seems like you haven’t notice my existence,
But I don’t mind,
I will just sit here and wait,
Wait till you notice me,
But I know it won’t happened,
As it is just my dream,
Which I wish it will come true.


well after wake up and stoning in front of lappy for a few hours later...decide to trim my right hand..since so many of them said my finger nails are long....well...right nw feel abit weird,coz after a long time,tying the key board using the fingertip itself rather than then fingernail kinda strange....oh oso look ugly...sigh...
The 1st thing i saw when i woke up...

My right hand....all the long nails..are gone..for now...

still get to keep the left hand side...hehe

is keeping long finger nails make a guys girlie??i mean...juz least im nt putting any nail polisher on it...kaka

yesterday after reach home,Ken(my other roomate) giv me 1 of the cup noodles he got it from kimgary i suppose,coz i think he is nw back to ipoh as he dunwan to carry many stuffs bck to his hometown...

i bet all of u all that got watch HK drama before sure saw this being shown countless of time before...kaka


Anonymous said...

short is nice~~~keep it.. macam tu baru cantik.. panjang panjang.. macam zombie~~ keke~~ sorry for saying tat!! blek~~

Da Devil said...

lolz...long kinda convenient and i had sumthing to play wif when im bored....nw my right hand feel abit weird ady...haiz...

april said...

yalo..cut jor mai leng leng lo. anyhow oso ur nails very nice jor lo because big nails,,,see mine la, kecik kecik geh t.t

april said...

haha..have to explain why you wrote that 'poem' scared my hunt you down for the reason beneath leh...wakakak..'''icic ..nothing personal~ haha..betul ke??

Da Devil said...

kaka....big nice?lolz..big looks kinda fat and make my finger look short and fat...

lolz...last time i got stated de...den previous poem,lazy to put,den she ask mai put again...kaka

Melissa said...

I love dat brand of Cup Noodles lo... But I only have eyes for Mushroom Chicken flavour... :p

Da Devil said...

kaka...well planning to look for other flavours as well...where can buy it??

Anonymous said...

woi.. why must mention me pulak.. i just curious ma.. yor... like tat de wor.. anyway.. if really nth, no nid mention oso nth will happen.. so call.. qing jie ji qing..wakakakakak~~

Da Devil said...

well...qing jie ji qing tis stuff...very hard to apply in current society ady black can be white and white can turn into black summore...lolz