Sunday, 28 December 2008

Car Maintainance.....

Well,had decided to change my car timing belt and others today,as i din get the service history from the previous owner,so dunno when is the last time the previous owner had change those belts,as it was kinda dangerous for my car,as it was inline 6,which the stress on the timing belt is much more compare to inline 4 engine...

Greeted by the dog...

Jacking up the get better access to the belt cover...

oso take out the radiator

After take out the cover,which got several screws kinda tricky to get it out...

Take out the main pulley for alternator,power steering and water pump...lolz

it was held by this large bolt...which it was my 1st time ever saw a bolt at this size

After that take out the bearing...and replace wif a new bearing

The old timing belt

The parts

type of belt change and bearing change

After tat,found out tat my radiator cap abit

So change a new and shiny 1...kaka

den refill the coolant and water in the radiator,and nw it's as gud as new...

Price -

Belt - 4PK925 - RM45
- 3PK850 - rm35
- 4PK865 - RM38
- Nissan A31 12V timing belt - ???

Bearing - NSK Bearing 12V/24V - RM150
Coolant - RM20
Radiator cap - ???

all i can burn a hole in my wallet...haiz...wat to do...hehe


darius said...

chill la, maintenance ma... at least u cover that part ady...

Da Devil said...

kaka..yea...nw still got minor prob wif the electrical and fuel pump...see how....coz i oledi got a spare fuel pump in my boot...kaka