Sunday, 7 December 2008

Be with you

Be with you

I don’t know how to tell you,
Tell you that I like you,
I wanted to love you,
I wanted to be with you,
I wanted to share happiness and sadness with you,
I wanetd to be by your side when u needed me most,
I wanted to do everything I can to make you happy,
But it seems to be a dream,
A dream that I don’t ever think I could reach,
Hence I just keep it to myself,
Till the opportunity arrive,
All i wanted is just to be with you,
Till both if us get old,
Holding each other hands,
On the rocking chairs,
Watching the sunset,
But i know,
It seems to be impossible,
As i know i'm not the lucky one,
And i will just be in my dream,
Keep on waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

Fren.. nothing is impossible~~ but I'm possible~~ if u want it, go and get it!! go go go~~ haha~~

Da Devil said...

kaka....i wan it den go get it...lolz...juz sometime is not tat easy to get wat u is hard...keke...

anyway...the stuff tat i type,i juz simply write write only...hehe...

april said...

cheh,thought you so gam sing tim.. rupa rupanya. simply right oni..cheh cheh cheh.

Da Devil said...

kaka....since where i got tat gam sing's look wor...kaka