Thursday, 18 June 2009

Kuantan Trip - Day 2,14 June 09(Part 4)

Well this marks the last day in after wake up,we head over to have brunch b4 going bck to KL

Juz woke up...hehe

MeiYee and James


MeiYee's Duck Noodle soup

Kitty's Dried Noodle

Mine...hehe,mixture of Duck meat and BBQ pork

Roast Pork...yummy

Another Yummy Nasi Lemak,but too bad,when we are there for it,he juz finished his we had to wait if we wanted to eat it..coz we were too hungry,so we din wait for it...will try it next time...

well nw,the last entry of the Kuantan trip...a memorable 1,and i wont forget abt it in my entire life...hehe...


darius said...

i like the dried noodle... here i call it wan tan mee kicap la kazu... nice...=)

Da Devil said...

yea..mee kicao..well still okok,prefer my hometown's mee kicap..hehe