Monday, 15 June 2009

Kuantan Trip - Day 1,11 June 09(Part 1)

56K be warn...lots of pics ahead...hehe

well on tat day,we left KL kinda order to reach Kuantan B4 2pm,so i head over to Kitty's house around 7am den later fetch Meiyee and James....

We were Greeted by his dog..damn cute

After tat,off we head over to my hometown...but b4 we reach my hometown,we decided to hav a breakfast stop at Karak for some delicious DimSum..YUMMY...

James and MeiYee


BBQ pork...Yummy

DimSum...lots of them

See how many did we ate...haha

The Shop was actually beside the TNB/Celcom building(not sure),Infront of the mosque in karak...

1 set of dimsum - RM2.20
1 BBQ pork Bun - Rm1.20

overall was kinda cheap if compare to KL....(above pics,nt taken wif DSLR,as i left my DSLR at hometown)

in my house

Chatting away...hehe

After rest for almost an hour later,we had to be on our way to Kuantan,blablabla,reach Kuantan and headover to our 'house' which we rent the room for 4days 3 nights

My room wif Air-condition,fans,TV and 2 beds...lolz

After placing our luggage at the room,we head over to James's house to meet wif his parents...




and the Temperature is freaking thz to open burning in neighbouring countries and Putrajaya there...argh

After awhile,James decided to bring us go to have the famous Cendol in his hometown in Kuantan

The Famous Air Putih Cendol

While waiting for cendol

My cendol

Close up...yummy

James and MeiYee oso enjoying their ice cold cendol

Kitty enjoying her cendol too

Den,as wat tourist would do after reach KL is to visit Teluk Chempedak...hehe

MeiYee and James

MeiYee and Kitty

Scribbling on the beach

Kitty thinking of wat to scribble....

Emo and draw circle???

Looking at where??

Hey...i wear shoes..cant feel the sand...sad

there even got Jellyfish

James and MeiYee bz checking out the beach

Rocks and Sea

Later on,we decided to head over to the other side of TC,so had to take a bridge or somekind to get over to the other side,and while on the way,we were join by a group of monkeys...REAL MONKEYS...haha

While on the way to the other side of the beach

see wat did i tell u all..MONKEYS

The sand here much more dense compare to the other side

Also..had lot of small crabs...

Kitty looking at the sea

after tat enjoying the sea breeze, we head over to hav dinner...

Terminal Satay Zul

The satay Kuah,nice and sweet....

very peanuty sauce...i like it...

James and MeiYee order Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

While me and Kitty order the Nasi was delicious

MeiYee's Apple Juice(im laughing like hyena now,inside joke)

James and Kitty order Carrot milk juice

my Watermelon Juice

Finally,the SATAY had arrived...and it was damn nice,the meat was lean and the taste juz nice...i think even better than Haji Samuri Satay Kajang...yummy

well basically tat's for day 1 for the trip from KL to will seperate it to 4 parts as there was lot of need to edit and stuff...hehe...


Philip Ho said...

foood!!!!!!! fooooooooooooooodddddddd!!! i'm on a diet!!! aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! i hate you... you are the DEVIL... :P

Da Devil said...

bro...still got more foods pic coming up..those are juz day 1...still got 3 more parts...hehe

Anonymous said...

apa la~~laugh my APPLE juicE!!!!! herng!!!! beware la u~~

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

no need diet larr..hehe