Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kuantan Trip - Day 2,12 June 09(Part 2)

Foods Pic below specially dedicated to Philip aka Mizu coz he was on diet...wakaka

Day 2,we wake up around 9am to have breakfast near Teluk Chempedak,at Restaurant Hoi Yin,which James heard they served a very delicious Curry Noodles...too bad i dun like to eat Curry Noodle,so i order my usually 'Kon Lo noodle'(Dried Noodle)

Yeap..this restaurant

MeiYee and James

The famous curry noodle

my KonLo Noodle...hehe

After the delicious breakfast,we decided to go to Zoo...is been long since i went to zoo...

Mini Zoo...and entrance fees is FOC..wow..even my hometown Mini Zoo need to pay for entrance fee and din even had any animals...

James,Kitty and MeiYee

1st animal we spotted..Sun Bear

den peacock...ignore the green blur thingy..coz is the fence


Ostrich - Wat ya looking at???

The ZooKeeper show us how to scratch or sayang the monkey

Snake...i think is Ular Sawa

Crocs...who wanted to wear them??they are comfy...haha


going bck to the car....

den off we go to East Coast mall to have our lunch...after walk around for 1/2 or an hour or so...we decided to have our lunch at Johnny's

MeiYee and James


James's Pataya alike rice

MeiYee's Spicy Seafood rice

Kitty's TomYam curry meehoon

My Pineapple Fried Rice

MeiYee's Float Soda

James's JackFruits Ice Shave

Kitty's Honey wif Aloe Vera

My Yam Sago..damn delicious..got lot of sago...nice

oh yea...the service here...was excellent...the guy who served us..i think is call Shiva...nice fella,and serive was awesome...would like him to serve us again the nex time we go there

after the heavy lunch...we decided to go to Gelora to hav a walk...

Taman Gelora

walking towards the beach

and they did 1 of the most painful thing...yes...walking on the pebbles pavement..ouch

The beach there...


MeiYee,Kitty and James...

well looks like somewhere out of malaysia rite??hehe

after visiting the beach and hanging around...we decided to head back to james's house and wait for dinner time to reach...den we go to have Ikan bakar(Grilled Fish) for dinner...hehe

At Selera Timur

Meiyee and James

The Enviroment

Fresh Fishes,Prawn,Cockle,lala and Squid to choose for grilled

Grilled Squid/Calamari - was delicious and fresh,too bad the sambal not spicy enuf

Grill Ray Fish

after tat,we head bck to our house,and play Big2 till around 11pm,as James had to go home...hehe

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